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One of the backbone of the crypto market in today’s world is the decentralized exchange that has rocked the world in recent years. And since the crypto exchange market is rapidly advancing and evolving, it is not at all surprising that exchanges have to evolve accordingly.

So, today, John Robertson, CEO of, will introduce you to the next step in crypto exchange, which is AI-driven trading that could be the future of token trading.

The effect of and it may be different from other projects

Solana is one of the major blockchains of recent times. It took the world by storm while providing many benefits, so it was chosen for was created to solve some of the problems caused by order-matching centralized exchanges and trust-less custody found on today’s exchanges. will strengthen the new snowfall of flexible financial markets. The protocols will serve as a foundation level for issues such as liquidity, custody, market creation and settlement. As mentioned earlier, Solana has some advantages over Ethereum like other DXs. They will be extremely fast transaction speeds, which can make 50,000 transactions per second and it will not be enough, the gas fee is only 000 0.00025 per transaction. For comparison, Ethereum can do 30 transactions per second and boasts a transaction fee of $ 12 per transaction.

Since AI is surpassing more and more industries worldwide, it is not surprising that crypto exchanges will not lag behind. The primary driving force behind the Solana DX will be the implementation of AI trading bots, which will create trading strategies and work relentlessly 24/7. Later, traders will be able to create their own bot trading strategies and lend to others for commission fees. As a result it will encourage the community to further develop through suffrage.

One of the main reasons for the demand for automated trading is that 80% of traders relax due to their mistakes. Therefore, Soldex thought that DEX would give people the ability to choose the trading strategy that was most suitable for them. Different bots are being made according to the criteria such as: margin; Trade risk; 90-day success rate; Trading pairs. This will include various criteria in the future.

As mentioned earlier, the exchange is being built on Solana. The team hopes it will attract new users because of the speed of trades and the technological possibilities of the future. Also one thing that new traders usually find annoying is their complete disaster when opening a full account. Soldex has fully recognized this and managed to make completely unauthorized, meaning no KYC and ID checking, so you can jump into trading, provide liquidity and stack in a very short time.

Solana will have its own talk SOLX. Soldex hopes the token will help fulfill the mission, which has a transparent revenue system, which will be fair and profitable.

30% of tokens will go through private sales, they make up the majority. About 5% will be left for public sale. 14% will be allocated for liquidity and the rest will be allocated to developers, advisors and others.

The token itself will be used for protocol governance, transaction fees and profit calculations. But in the long run the team plans to make a bunch of improvements because the Solana blockchain offers a great opportunity for technological advancement in the future.

In addition to the ability to make a profit on, people will also have access to Soldex AI Academy. The team hopes it will help build a strong community and help users become more familiar with Solana and DFI. Other objectives are that it will help new developers start building, bring people closer to the technology provided by Solana, and bring the community together as a whole.

To date, Soldex has seen great interest in SOLX tokens. They had been subscribing to the first round since the second round of sales. The current price of the token is $ 0.06 but at launch on December 10 it will be $ 0.1. “We are pleased to see high participation from private investors, funding and more,” explained CEO John Robertson.

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