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Alexis Ren, an American social media personality and model, believes the Fiat economy is “collapsing” and recently told the press that he thinks cryptocurrency offers a viable alternative. In a recent interview, Ren explained that his interest in crypto is stimulated by the preservation of socialite in the dollar-based economy.

Alexis Ren: ‘The economic structure we live in is a lie and it is misleading’

In the last 12 months, numerous analysts and economists have said that the US economy is facing uncertainty. At the end of October, Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, explained that he believed America was “drifting towards depression.” On Friday, Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff told the media that he thinks “we are at the edge of a knife” in terms of where inflation is heading in the United States. However, it is not only well-known novelists, analysts and American economists who predict bad times for the US economy.

Socialite and model Alexis Ren do not believe in dollar economy, says crypto is an effective alternative
Alexis Ren W.The mobile game “Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire,” featured in Maxim’s Cover Girl August 2017 issue, featured a Sports Illustrated swimsuit 2018 named Rookie of the Year, and starred in “Dancing with the Stars” Season 27.

Jim Edwards of Business Insider (BI) discusses the issue with socialite and model Alexis Ren when he tells people that he thinks the economy is based on lies. “I think the economic structure we’re living in is a lie and it’s confusing and it’s just a deal and so we need to find something better, and I think bitcoin and cryptocurrency are this,” Ren explained in a YouTube video that he Made “truth or drink.”

Speaking to Edwards, the Instagram star, with 15 million followers, told a BI reporter in a video call that the devaluation of the USD was a problem. “They keep printing more of it, so that it has no value,” Ren insisted. “It simply came to our notice then. And so without their faith and trust we have no value and it is even more terrible. Because now they are just using our faith in dollars. And then there’s no set amount. And so there needs to be a new thing, ”he said.

Model says current economic system is ‘not sustainable’

The popular model further elaborates that the US economy is “collapsing” and he highlights that the current money-making problem is an endless cycle. “I know but we are in debt, so we are trying, we are printing more money to repay the loan and then we continue to accumulate more debt. It’s a black hole, “said Ren. The social media star feels that the economic system is “not sustainable” and that this is what American citizens want. “An economy that is sustainable and one that can keep up with us,” Ren added.

The interview further explains Ren’s appreciation for cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) assets. Ren is the founder of a technology platform called and the project recently unveiled plans to integrate NFTs with the company’s brand. will receive NFTs for service subscriptions instead of cash payments. Concluding an interview with Jim Edwards, a contributor to BI, Ren told reporters that people should invest a small amount in cryptocurrency “every month.”

What do you think of the recent interview with social media star and model Alexis Ren? Do you agree that the dollar-based economy “collapses” and that cryptocurrencies are an effective alternative? Let us know what you think about this topic in the comments section below.

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