So far, these are the 10 most important trends for the spring of 2022

Fashion month may be over, but the trends displayed during it are still at the top of the mind. Returning to the IRL show, the Spring 2022 collections, which debuted last month in New York, London, Milan and Paris, were a breath of fresh air after a few seasons centered around comfort-driven designs. During this time, we saw the prevailing heights on the runway (both in terms of skin volume and level) and the perfect piece for our future plans (from tropical vacation to private school reading). That being said, we are patiently waiting for the arrival of spring and its associated collection.

After studying all the runway shows for the spring / summer of 2022, we’ve landed on the major trends that are set to be the most popular of the seasons, periods. While these are guaranteed to be huge next year, it’s never too early to start testing what’s next in fashion, so if you’re an early adopter, there’s already plenty of shopping to add to your cart. Keep scrolling to learn about the 10 biggest trends of spring 2022.

While ski-inspired fashion dominated the F / W 21 show, designers brought back a similar holiday mentality on the S / S 22 runway. Instead of a plentiful collection of apricot-ski outfits, at this point, there was a heavy rotation of swimwear and beach attire that was prime to go. Chanel features bikinis inspired by her iconic 90s design, while brands including Paco Rabanne and Johanna Ortiz have added vibrant holiday prints to their clothing and matching sets.

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The spring 2022 runway is proof that the reign of calm, neutral colors will end. One of the most popular hues? Saffron – A bright, bold and rich shade of red that is sure to add some much-needed spice to our upcoming wardrobe. But it doesn’t just come in the form of a handbag or a statement shoe – we ‘Looking forward to seeing saffron from head to toe, as shown in the Provenza Scholar, Lakuan Smith and Quaidan versions.

The back-to-school vibe may not look as you like (i.e. if the designers have something to do with it). Cable-knit sweaters were styled with sun pants in Lacoste, rugby polos in boots were redesigned in new proportions, and school-uniform fashion got a moody, gothic twist in Ruff Simmons. It was really meow meow, though, it strengthened the main prep rebrand. We’ve seen mid and bar-shaped cut knits and pleated skirts shortened to mini micro lengths so you can miss them.

Reminiscent of the early days when Disney stars were known to wear sequined skirts over low-rise flared jeans and fur-collar cardigans over lace shirts, this season’s layering game was nothing short of chaotic. And yet we couldn’t help but fall for the extra enjoyment of it. In Louis Vuitton, the models accessorize themselves all the time with sculpted sunglasses, wearing lace blouses, leather pants, satin caps and long scarves. Like Miriam Nasir Jadeh, Tory Birch features equally extreme styling (suppose skirts and dresses piled on top of ribbed leggings), where models were dropped off the runway in off-the-shoulder knit tops wearing shiny polo.

At the opposite end of the sartorial spectrum, brands like Blumarine, Nancy Dozaka, Masoni and Miu Miu showcase collections made with as little fabric as possible. From ultra-low-rise miniskirts and nude dresses to tunic-length dresses and tops that look like warning tapes, the trend that rarely dominates the red carpet in 2021 is preparing to become more prevalent in 2022. If you need us, we will be mentally ready.

A dose of romance returns to the runway with a weird draping that combines everything from Greek-inspired silhouettes (albeit in a great modern way) to the most directional adoption of body-con silhouettes we’ve seen in a while. Designers including Rick Owens and Lowe have featured off-kilter dropped clothing that feels a bit rebellious. De Pesta showcases the latest tech of her “wet” outfits, which are tight-fitting and designed as if they’ve just been submerged.

Gone are the days of being an offset of Western aesthetics. For spring, designers tend to incorporate a little — much — more creative, longer, car wash-esque straps into their collections with the trend. From multi-colored strings derived from maxis (chloe) and minidress (barberry) to suits made entirely with thick belts on the floor (balmain), the fringe is fast becoming the most influential of 2022. And Interesting trend.

The sporting pieces still dominate and make a solid statement on the runway. Of course, at the moment we all have plenty of sweat pants and leisure clothing, but the sporty fashion of the S / S 22 collection feels more trend-progressive. At Loewe, the tracksuits were sculpted with ballooning strapless tops and stripe-inspired pants. At Bottega Veneta, tennis whites have received fashion treats with lux fabrics, logo belts and matching bags.

This season, designers seem to agree that looking to the past is the only way to prepare yourself for the future. In other words, nostalgia was everywhere, the channel put on a runway show that, despite being held in 2021, in the mid-1990s, belly chains, miniskirt suits and curly and teased hair could easily be held.

Meanwhile, a Olivier Rusting’s 10th Anniversary Balmain Show, Designer From the turn of the millennium, supermodels have been tapped, shipped to their midriff-bearing tops and low-rise bottoms. Drowning in the opening story, Blumarin and Copernicus presented butterfly motifs and shiny panties, which evoked a feeling of extremely powerful satire. Already seen.

Despite the saturated shades and vibrant prints that exploded in the S / S 22 season, there is still something for minimalists: the maxi hemline. We couldn’t avoid the smooth and streamlined silhouette, which means it’s ready for a big comeback. In Peter Doe and St. Laurent, the skirts in the columns are balanced gauze tops out. Chloé and Khaite also showcased floor-sweeping dresses that are a must-buy for par-back dressers.

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