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As a fan of slip masks for many years (but not loyal to the brand – depending on the free masks collected over time from overnight flights), I was thrilled to be able to test a thoughtfully designed, high-level eye mask: the OstrichPillo 3D ergonomic eye mask.

The ostrichpilo, probably best known for its squid-like (and, frankly, meme-worthy) napping pillow, calls its eye mask the “first true 3D ergonomic eye mask,” claiming it adapts to the three-dimensional features of the face. To fit perfectly in all head sizes and face types.

Although we can’t talk specifically about those claims, since only one person has tested this particular slip mask, Underscore has thoroughly tested slip masks this past spring, including a few more that offer a versatile, inclusive fit. But the claim that the ostrichpilo mask provides a 100% blackout sleep experience in total comfort, we can really confirm.

The OstrichPillo Eye Mask is made with six different layers of “high quality materials” (not fully described in the site description), but it feels cotton-foamed, soft and deeply comfortable. When we first tried using the mask – never wearing a full blackout slip mask before – we were almost amazed at how a bedroom could instantly darken in full daylight. The six layers create a light barrier that is significantly thicker but quite light and portable.

The mask felt soft but securely sucked to the face, leaving no gaps in the material for any light. The head, the mask is still attached to the face and has blocked the light. At the same time, the mask felt breathable and not at all obstructive.

The ostrich

Ostrichpilo Eye Mask

Sleeping in the ostrichpilo eye mask, on our backs or next to us, was a dream come true. We slept peacefully in complete darkness, and even if we had to get up in the middle of the night, it was easy to remove the mask and reapply it without too much hassle.

One flaw of this mask, compared to the complimentary flat mask delivered on the plane, was the experience of sleeping on the stomach. Due to the soft but structural cups around the eyes with the ostrich – very successful in keeping the mask in place and trapping light – it does not seem normal to sleep with the face down at first. The cups around the eyes feel very present – not uncomfortable, by themselves, but not No. Notable – Sleep with your face down. The structure of the mask has softened somewhat in a few nights of use, and we think that a user may become more accustomed to sleeping on the stomach after regular use of the mask and washing.

At the moment, the mask is machine washable (with the proposed line drying), a difference that none of the underscored slip masks tested last spring could claim. The ostrichpilo mask comes with a handy travel bag so you can easily carry it in your bag for a flight, train ride or even resting in your company’s meditation room at noon if it is a reality in your office.

At 45 45, the Ostrichpilo Mask isn’t a cheap slip mask, but since it can be machine washed and adjusted, it can be a long-term investment for a much better night’s sleep.

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