Sidney Powell has implicated Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise and Justice Alito in plotting to overturn the election.

Sidney Powell suggested that the 1/6 attack was intended to give Supreme Court Justice Alito time to intervene and cancel the election.

Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise were involved in a plot to invalidate the election.


Powell suggested that the plan was to delay certifying the election for rebellion so that Trump’s lawyers could file a 12th Amendment lawsuit to cancel the election.

McCarthy and Scalise were trying to deny Pelosi the ability to file an amicus brief in the case.

Powell said, “There was something going on inside Congress that made me believe it was Steve Scalis and McCarthy preventing him from being the real team. He wanted to work his way up in this case, but somehow that didn’t happen. He got notice when we filed our. He wanted to file an amicus brief, and then everything broke down, and Justice Alito had to speed up the restructuring of Congress to get him to vote before he could issue an order.

Sidney Powell is not a reliable narrator, but his statement, if true, was intended to buy time for a 1/6 attack on the Capitol so that Justice Alito could intervene and stop the election certification.

Trump and Republicans relied on the Supreme Court to cancel the election.

All the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together. The 1/6 attack was part of a sedition plot to cancel the election by shutting down certification and allowing conservative Supreme Court justices to return elections to the states, which would hand over the presidency to Trump.

Elected Republicans will have to face criminal charges for this conspiracy, and Kevin McCarthy has much more to answer a phone call with Trump on 1/6.

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