Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s Yellow Cheetah SAWA High-Top Sneakers

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Angelina Jolie may be lowering her jaw to the left and right, wearing beautiful gowns by Atelier Versace, Balmain and Ralph Lauren. Eternal The red carpet, but her daughters prefer sustainable fashion to speak for themselves.

After Jolie’s daughter Zahra re-wore her 2014 Eli Sub Oscar gown, she set foot at the Rome Film Festival in a vintage number from LA Shop Catwalk. But her sister Shiloh proved that the movie premiere dressing really depends on someone’s personal interpretation (forget the days of dress code) leather painted, yellow cheetah sawa shoes.

Mehdi Slimani, an Algerian-born, French-based SAWA shoe designer who makes her sneakers in Ethiopia, sees her socially conscious brand as a fashion activist project that fights against the notion that Africa needs savings. Since all materials are available in Africa and Slimani is committed to fair trade and a beneficial working environment (the company recycles water during its manufacturing process), economic growth continues to help the community. “We do not promise to donate a portion of our income to charities to buy a pair of shoes, or to build a pipeline to Manhattan. Our shoes are made in Africa and will be made in Africa as far as you enjoy wearing them.” Says.

Shiloh combined the shoes with a simple black versus minidress, making sure it was her shoe that we would all be interested in. As Jolie’s children continue to follow in the footsteps of humanity, we are not at all surprised that they are discovering ways to dress that make an influential statement. Next, zoom in on Shiloh’s high-tops, then find out where you can buy them, including small brands or a roundup of styles inspired by resale and craft sites.

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