Sheryl Atkison: Serious questions about how to calculate Covid’s death Video

“Full Measure” host Sheryl Atkison investigates Covid-1 cases and deaths and finds some suspicious extra counts:

As the vision becomes clearer, we are learning a lot about the wrong advice and principles in the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic. According to the CDC, there are still over 640,000 deaths in the United States in an unclear and controversial region. Some insist that the actual number is much higher; Others claim it is low. Today, we started with the startling results of our investigation which found in some documented cases, the news that Kovid was the cause of death was highly exaggerated.

One hundred miles outside of Grand County, Colorado, rural Denver.

Thanks to 2020 their system contains alcohol and drugs and has a history of domestic trouble.

Grand County Coroner Brenda Buck explains how the small town tragedy Covid is raising serious questions about how to calculate death.

Brenda Buck: I had a suicidal-suicide in late November and the next day it was shown on the state website as Kovid’s death. And they were bullet wounds. And I immediately questioned because I had not yet signed the death certificates, and the state was already reporting them as cowardly deaths.

Buck says someone, apparently, was running the couple’s names through a database to see if they had tested positive for covid within 28 days of death. They were then recorded as the death of Kovid although they died of gunshot wounds.

Sheryl: If we look at the death certificate of the murder-suicide case, what does it say about Kovid?

Buck: Nothing, absolutely nothing. I paid the forensic pathologist for an autopsy in those two cases. And there is no mention of Kovid anywhere in the death certificate. Somewhere.

Buck: It’s a copy of the death certificate, and nowhere does it say COVID. So we have nothing to do with a murder, a suicide, a coward.

Since Covid did not die within the Grand County’s geographical boundaries in 2020, Buck was in a unique position to challenge the state’s reckoning. In many cities and counties, the numbers are too large and the coroners never knew about the contrast.

Within a week of the homicide-suicide, two more grand county deaths occurred in Covid County in the state. Buck investigated and found out why he had no record of them.

Buck: Two of them were actually still alive, and yet they were counting on them. If I hadn’t called them and asked who they were, where they came from, all the information and it was like, “Oh, it was a typo. They accidentally got in there.”

Merit Link: Corona spoke to us formally at our regular County Commission meeting on Tuesday about how the state is reporting our Covid numbers about this inconsistency.

Merit Link is chairman of the Grand County Board of Commissioners.

Link: We drafted and signed a letter, three commissioners and a coroner also signed and sent to the governor, “Hey, these numbers aren’t accurate. That’s not right. We should report these correctly and please fix it.”

It’s not just happening in Grand County. Dr. James Caruso is the Chief Medical Examiner and Coroner of Denver.

Dr. James Caruso: I was told by some of my fellow corona in a more rural county in Colorado that this was happening to them, they knew about the problem where they probably signed a death certificate with injuries. And they were advised that it was being counted as a covid-related death.

Sheryl: When it comes to counting coronavirus deaths, tell me what the story was, which you discovered early on. What was happening?

Dr. Caruso: I think at first, the people who signed the death certificate were probably doing it right. At some stage সম্ভবত perhaps at the state level, perhaps at the federal level রয়েছে there is a possibility that they were cross-referencing the Covid test. And people who tested positive for covid were listed as covid-related deaths regardless of the actual cause of death. And I believe this is very wrong, and not the way statistics were supposed to be submitted.

Caruso said he submitted his objection to the Colorado Department of Public Health in April 2020.

Sharil: How did you raise your concerns?

Caruso: I told them very clearly that someone could die for “covid” or they could die with “covid”. And the two are very different.

Others were questioning the state’s count.

Buck: We had a coroner in Montezuma County. He had a death, an alcohol death, and it was treated as covid. And he’s my guess that the ball has been rolling and starting to complain.

As a result of the allegations, the state has added subcategories showing the number of deaths as “covid” and “with covid”. But a month later, with the murder-suicide, there were still questions.

Sheryl: “Off Covid” means death is thought to have been caused directly by Covid.

Brenda Buck: Direct.

Sheryl: And you mean “with covid”?

Buck: You had other underlying conditions.

Sharil: All right. So shouldn’t murder and suicide have been counted between these two categories?

Buck: That’s right. And that’s what I complained about. And then when I talked to the governor, he told me he didn’t believe it was right, but he wasn’t going to remove it from their calculations because all the other states were doing it so we were going too.

Colorado Governor Jared Police has declined our request for an interview. A spokesman said the governor agreed with Grand County Coroner Buck and was “outraged” that a murder-suicide was recorded as covid-related. The governor added, “In an effort to clear up a lot, the state website explains that” there were a number of deaths that were a direct result of COVID and deaths when the person had COVID-1. “

During our visit to Colorado, the total number of covid-related deaths in the state was 13,845. Separating the number of deaths that do not occur directly due to covid, about half that number, the rest die “within the covid” or “with” – not because.

Sheryl (on-camera): The obvious effects are huge. If such a significant number of “covid deaths” in Colorado are not directly caused by covid, or even not at all related in some cases, and if it carries to other states, it means that the epidemic we have heard since the beginning of the national census could be largely confusing.


At the same time as Colorado coroners were challenging the death toll, Dr. Deborah Bars of the White House Coronavirus Task Force was asked the same question.

Barks (April-April, 2020): The point at the moment is that if someone dies with Covid-1, we count it as the death of Covid-1.

Some of the eyebrow-bright examples of deaths responsible for covid are: deaths after a traffic accident, deaths in three Colorado nursing homes, although attending physicians said they were not related to the coronavirus.

And a lawsuit in Nashville, Tennessee. In August 2020, Hal Short’s wife, Kovid-11, was shocked to see 19 as the cause of her husband’s death certificate – after she died of invasive cancer. He tested negative for coronavirus three times. Shortly after the family complained, a clerical error blaming Covid-119 was removed.

Mrs. Short: “It’s not really good enough, just saying I want to, just saying ‘we made a mistake’ and we forgot about it. How many other people are you doing this wrong with?”

Government experts, such as Dr. Anthony Fawcett, have claimed that without evidence, Kovid may have died far more than documented; Not less.

Dr. Anthony Anthony Fawcett (May 12, 2020): The number is probably higher, I don’t know exactly what percentage is higher, but almost certainly it is higher.

Adding to the confusion are widely cited sources, the Johns Hopkins coronavirus dashboard compilation from the New York Times, and various issue reports. Johns Hopkins notes that “states are not consistent [and] They may even change the reported numbers pre-reactively. ”

A brief, some of the best hard evidence of a national audit can only be found in small places like Grand County, Colorado where they know exactly who did or did not die within the county’s boundaries. And that’s where Buck says that in 2020 no Kovid died.

Buck: As far as I’m concerned.

But when we tested it in July, the New York Times reported that the number of deaths of Grand County 2020 coyotes had increased by at least 500%. It was missing a resident who died of covid outside the county. But the Times has calculated an incomplete heart attack; The two people who survived – who were removed from the state total; And the murder-suicide of Lucas and Christine Reilly.

Sheryl: What is the nationwide impact when we look at numbers?

Buck: I believe they are very bloated. And don’t get me wrong. I believe Kovid is real. And I believe people get very sick of it. And I believe a small number of people have died from it. I don’t believe this number contains a homicide-suicide. I don’t, because my job is to tell the truth about a person’s death, causes and methods. And I don’t believe that what is happening is true.

Sheryl (on-camera): Almeida County, California, changed their approach in June, which was not a direct result of Covid. It removed more than 400 people, or 25%, from their death toll.

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