Shark is unsure how to handle the upcoming Evander Kane return

Before the end of November, Evander Kane will once again be an active NHL player. The controversial star is set to return from a 21-game suspension in nine days, as the San Jose Sharks will play game number 22 on November 30. But will Kane return to the team and lineup at that time?

It took the sharks about two months to think about this question, but it didn’t seem close to deciding Ken’s future. Curtis Pashelka of Mercury News in San Jose Caught Recently with Shark head coach Bob Baghnar and got the same answer that he and GM Doug Wilson provided throughout the story: “I have no information … need to make a decision.”

Kane has been the center of attention in San Jose for over a year now, and surprisingly little for the real reason for his suspension. Since last year, Kane has sued for bankruptcy, sued his creditors, used threats to cancel a possible contract by sharks as a tool in his bankruptcy proceedings, has been accused of betting on hockey and has faced a full NHL investigation. As well as other uncomfortable allegations from his estranged wife, and fighting the rumor that many of his teammates were unhappy leaving him in the locker room. Nevertheless, a fake coronavirus vaccine card was used to block the NHL Covid protocol, which eventually led to disciplinary action.

Of all the dramas of last year, Kane was also the Sharks’ top scorer and set a personal career high in per-game production. After a tough 7-4-1 start without Kane this season, San Jose have lost four of their last five games as their offense has dried up. There is no question that the team can use Ken’s scoring ability, not to mention his physicality. The fact is that they still owe him enough to pay the on-ice price for three more seasons after this year. The question Wilson and Tiger then have to answer is that off-ice concerns outweigh the benefits of ice and if so, what to do about it.

If the team believes they can reintroduce Kane to the team without causing problems between both their locker room and their fan base, the power forward could actually return to the November 30 lineup. However, if Kane becomes too polarized, sharks will have to be creative to move him. Any potential trade interest, though unlikely, will be nowhere near the market price for a talented scorer, but San Jose could jump on the first offer. They can put Kane on a waiver and see if anyone is biting. If Kane leaves without a claim, he could be reassigned to AHL and treated the same way the New York Rangers handled Anthony D’Angelo last year in the off-season. However, as sharks and barracuda share such a building, it may not have the same effect. Sharks can even pay Ken to stay at home, and kick Ken in the street. San Jose is in an irresistible position for both re-tooling and strapping for cap space, so Wilson and company will try their best to avoid an expensive purchase, which would be the last, worst case scenario.

Whatever the decision about why, it needs to be decided soon. Sharks are on the clock to make a call – either way – which will have a significant impact on their season and possibly the future of the organization.

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