Seth Rosen will persuade you to buy a velvet suit

Kevin Mazur / 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards

Seth Rosen

This is a good time to be Seth Rosen. Our guy has a newly launched weed business, a soon-to-be-published book, a beautiful sideline of ceramics এবং and, you know, the richness of a Hollywood career. She also received a (1) brand-new velvet suit, which she unveiled for this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards. And what could be a better look than this to make the way back to semi-formal award-show style easier? Velvet is comfortable. Chelsea’s boots slipped to the right. That fiery pink button-down reminds people that you’re not stuffed (as the Austin Powers-grade suit doesn’t make clear). In short: a skillfully edited award-show suit, and at a time when wearing the right red carpet is a broad question. Whether it’s a ceramic or a high-end cardigan or a 60’s suit swing, Rosen is proving that you’ve underestimated her huge taste at your peril.

Stephen Gosling

Russell Westbrook

An Elena is playing the NBA’s Triple-Double King at the start of the WNBA season in the Daily Dawn jersey.

JM International

Harry Styles

A print of the 70s! A huge coated, double-breasted silhouette! Burning pants! Sneakers! Any one of these will suffice for a regular person. Harry Styles doesn’t work regularly.

Joe Murphy

Year Jackson Jr.

JJJ’s Memphis Grizzlies have created an NBA play-off play-in tournament, so we’ll assume he’s testing this vacation-grade outfit whenever the Grease season is over.

Jack Beaker

Shy Gilgius-Alexander

Grail warning!

Matt Winkelmeyer / 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards

Henry Golding

Rarely seen কিন্তু but deeply enviable বড় the red carpet look of big pants.

Nathaniel S. Butler

Patty Mills

Spurs guard Jerry Lorenzo’s new-wave Fear God takes God’s template – super-lux, ultra-simple, super freakin ’cool – and runs with it.

JM International

Hyme Sisters

Next week, another example of female celebrities rocking The Row Women’s Wear that we love so much.

Robert Camus

Jacob Allardy

Carhart, a throwback Mets hat, an online ceramics T: Aussie General Jade Heartthrob is making his best New Yorker impression.

Rocky Widner

Jordan Clarkson

Tony Soprano Vibes in the best possible way.

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