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It was a touch of talent, drawing breath from that solid spirit is still healing from Arsenal’s defeat.

Murar’s Jan Karniknik is probably still wondering how this happened. Pierluigi Gollini looked right back to regain possession from the long ball, but Brian Gill already had a picture on his head.

What he then did was provide another ray of light for Tottenham at the end of a dark month, creating a deadly efficient touch with his right foot to avoid the marker on the left.

There will be many more glamorous fixtures up front, Spurs would expect, but Gill is much happier to turn this first Europa Conference League group match into an entertaining watch against low-level opponents. The 20-year-old stock continued to rise with each passing appearance.

Gill tormented the NK Mura defense on Thursday

Nuno Espirito Santo was slowly realizing his comfort after seeing Gill’s presence at the re-scheduled Olympic Games in Tokyo, but there is now a clamor among fans for the start of the first Premier League in a home clash with Aston Villa this weekend.

“Fans have really made me feel at home from day one,” Gill said exclusively Sky Sports. “I feel like they have faith in me and it is helping me to be lasting.

“Having a name on the bench for the first day’s win against Manchester City, I had no more experience in football. The on-field environment was incredible. I became bold in the noise and in the stadium myself and it made me realize the size of this club.”

It was the summer of the passage at Tottenham, and when a special person to exit Hotspur Way was dominating the future headlines, there was the arrival of a young Spanish star named ‘Little Cruyff’ who was full of fan excitement.

Gill certainly has an air of great Dutchman, not just from his looks, the way he walks around the pitch. The old-fashioned left-winger was great with flowing locks last season when he took a loan from Sevilla in Iberia.

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Spain international Brian Gill has joined Spurs on a five-year deal, and Spanish football expert Terry Gibson believes he has the talent to enrich the Premier League.

Talking to Sky Sports During his transfer to Spurs, Spanish football expert Terry Gibson described Gil as “one of the most talked about players in La Liga and one of my favorite players”.

With only 50 minutes left in the Premier League to date, his presence in the Carabao Cup and Europa Conference League has proved why the youngster has gained instant recognition among his new followers.

Gill is halfway through a Spanish double act, and his compatriot Sergio Reguillon is listening intently to our initial exchanges like our protective big brother.

The pair were already good friends when Reguilon took a loan from Real Madrid in Sevilla in the first half of the 2019/20 season, albeit briefly in Sevilla.

When Spurs announced Gill’s arrival on social media last July, there was an abusive reference to ‘Agent Sergio’, but the leftists downplayed his influence in talks with Sevilla.

When asked about Eric Lamela and his role in the স্থান 21.6m player-plus-cash swap deal at the summer transfer window, “I didn’t have to believe too much,” Reguillon said.

“We were together in Ibiza in the summer. We talked a lot about the club and I told him why I thought coming to Spurs would be a good move.

“Obviously, this was an issue that still needed to be agreed upon by all parties involved.

“Brian will contact me over the summer to ask me more questions about Tottenham and I’m glad it’s resolved. We’ve already seen his qualities with the ball in a short time.

“He runs, he fights and he’s already an important part of our plan that’s moving forward.”

Reguilon makes a joke about his teammate’s culinary skills and the pair, known as interested video gamers, a passionate actor of professional athletes join their passion. Fortnite And FIFA The series, which launched its latest version on Friday – much to their delight.

“When I’m not with my family, I’m always with him,” Reguillon said. “If we don’t play video games, we will play ping pong. We are just competitive in everything we do. We are very close to each other so it’s very easy to spend time together.”


Gill added: “Regui has definitely helped me adjust to my new home. The club and my other teammates have helped make this change a lot easier.

“Regui has been here for a year now but I’m trying to learn English slowly (he said with a wise look across the table). I’ll take the time first. “

A sign of things to come in Spurs

Reguillon has created six chances in the league
Reguillon has created six chances in the league

Gill is not yet a finished article. In a conversation with head coach Nuno before his summer move, he was asked to add some weight to meet the physical needs of the Premier League.

But after witnessing the defeat and embarrassment of his teammates in the first half against Arsenal last Sunday, his 20-minute cameo showed a naturally talented footballer whose tactics and balance would provide important elements of rebuilding work.

Those who eventually stayed inside the emirate saw glimpses of what could be a familiar partnership on the left with a combination of Spanish flavors.

Before Hyung-Min Son converted his cut-back, Gilley returned the ball from his own wrong pass to feed Reguilon into space. It was nothing more than a consolation but the Spurs would expect it to be the first of many goals scored as a result of their blossoming relationship.

“Let’s hope so,” Gill says with a smile. “The more we play together, the more our perception of each other’s movements will increase.

“It’s important to know where to stand to get a pass, and it’s normal that with more time on the pitch we’ll build ways to play that hopefully will achieve more goals like that.”

Reguillon and Gill focused on counter-fighting

Gil Nuno took the direction of Espirito Santo
Gil Nuno took the direction of Espirito Santo

Tottenham were top of the league in early September, but a month later Nuno’s team found themselves in the bottom half after three straight defeats.

Their opponent this weekend, Aston Villa, sits on top of them in eighth place and arrives in north London in a excited mood after their win over Manchester United last weekend.

Dean Smith’s side also brought in the most points in their last match at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in May, and Regulon called on his teammates to react after their recent domestic fight.

Reguillon signed a deal worth m 25 million in 2020
Reguillon signed a deal worth m 25 million in 2020

“We always suffer from the feeling that we have to win

“I can assure fans that we were more angry than anyone else at what happened.

“You always have to clear your mind about past pitfalls and think about what will happen in the future. Winning the Europa Conference League has enabled us to move forward since last Sunday and the mood is much better now.”

After losing to Arsenal, Tottenham became the second team in Premier League history to win their first three fixtures and then lose the next three after Everton in 1993/94 – and there is a clear determination to ensure that the September fall does not continue in October.

Gill added: “It was a really positive response in training for the frustration of losing the North London Derby. We know how important this game is for the fans, but we showed a strong reaction in the middle of the week and are fully focused on getting back to winning ways. In the Premier League.

“We started the season really well with three wins but the way things have gone since then has definitely made us feel bad. We have to turn it around as soon as possible.”

Why campaign against Villa?

Why Harry
Harry Kane scored a hat trick against NS Murray

If the Spurs are to end their losing streak, Harry Kane will have to rediscover his form.

The English center-forward has not found the word fake in the league since moving to Manchester City this summer, but he has seven goals in eight Premier League games against Villa.

His hat-trick in the Europa Conference League 5-1 defeat to Slovenian Mino Mura on Thursday suggests he has not lost touch with any of his goals.

Villa, however, will have a completely different offer to play in the lowest-ranked European football this season, according to the UEFA multiplier, and both Reguillon and Gill believe Ken’s class will once again shine.


“He still has three of the top five strikers in the world,” said Reguillon. “It’s normal that a run without a score could affect morale, but he showed on Thursday that his confidence was not affected.

“He’s scored three goals and it’s not just good for him, it’s good for us as well as we depend on him. He will continue to score goals this season, as he has always done. “

Gill agrees with Kane’s regulation as one of the top five strikers in the world, adding: “I think it’s crazy when people doubt his quality. If you know how strikers survive, you can play five matches without scoring, and Then you can go ahead.A run to score in five or six matches.

“The strikers survive the consistency of scoring goals, so maybe now he will run. We saw it on Thursday and I’m sure he will score 20 to 30 goals this season.”

How to follow Tottenham vs Aston Villa

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