Sen. Marsha Blackburn melted away and claimed that Biden was conspiring for government control of children

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) claims that Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda is a government conspiracy to control children and close churches.


Blackburn told Fox News’ Sunday Morning Future:

W.E Know that the build is better The agenda has become biden Create a broken agenda, and The American people have understood That’s what they’re trying to do Institutionalize socialism. They are trying to grab one Of the country in one vote.

They want government control Your kids, they want to see Your bank account for everyone Transactions above $ 600, anything What you do on Venmo and PayPal, They want a part of it Transactions They want government control Healthcare, they want Disappoint the military, stop Churches, destroy your faith In the American manner, and Then they will come here With the socialist program Run your life from the cradle Graves, dark from daylight.

The government is not coming to monitor your PayPal and Venmo transactions.

Democrats want to spy on your bank account, according to conspiracy theorists’ website Inforvers and USA Today Fact Check. People like Sen. Blackburn are exaggerating.Although the claim is based on reality, it misrepresents a lot of information. The claim is a proposal of the Biden administration, not a decision set in stone. The Treasury cannot “announce” any change in law because it is a legal power that belongs to Congress. And even if the proposal is accepted, banks will not provide access to personal transactions, only the total amount flowing in and out of one account per year. “

Blackburn was tossing a confusing fear word salad

Sen. Blackburn’s claim had no basis in reality. The infrastructure bill is not socialism. None of the proposed legislation has any element of government acquisition. The government cannot close children or churches by spending on roads, bridges, and childcare.

Blackburn was coming out with every scary buzzword he could think of to scare people into not supporting the Build Back Better Agenda. The sad thing is that he apparently prepared this messy screed in advance, but he is promoting it to the singers.

Build-back better proposals have remained very popular, and voices about socialism are not going to change that.

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