Sen. Elizabeth Warren has called Facebook a threat to democracy

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (DMA) says Facebook is a threat to democracy, and it’s time to break up the social media giant.


Sen. Warren says on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber:

The only way we are going They are held accountable Broke them I understand there are people Those who say, well, maybe we could Control them a little better, Beat more cops on the beat. See, I’m not against it. It’s not enough to just get there Done. We have to break them. The way we break them down. It’s kind of like with the phone Institutions. You know how you can call me and I can call you even if we are not Using the same telephone carrier? We have to do the same thing With our social media, I can Call you and you can call me. Once we do that work and break Separate them, now you’ve got 10 Provider for social media Service, 50 providers for us Social media services. That means I can pick one I’m not going to sell you Information to someone else. Which resulted in Make the market work better.

The second consequence is Depriving Facebook The huge power that it has now. Think about what this means Facebook is entering Information from everyone Our exchange, in scooping it And use it for yourself For convenience, for advertising, for Sell ​​to third parties. Shoot to play futsal with Dictators around the world. We need to break that up. I want to go back to Teddy Roosevelt The reason for your separation is stated This is the big exclusive partial For economic reasons, create Competition, but it’s partial Because they are a real pose The political risk of survival Of democracy. It’s time to break Facebook.

Facebook has benefited from and propagated right-wing websites that spread propaganda and confusion that threaten democracy. Facebook is so big that Mark Zuckerberg wants people to believe he can’t control his own platform.

If it is, Sen. Warren is right. For the good of democracy, the federal government must take action and break Facebook.

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