See Jane Saki doing her job and Peter Dusier harming Haitians / COVID False Equality

Jane Psyche saw what Peter Dusi was trying to do with a question about Haitian immigrants and the vaccine card, and none of it.


Dusi asked, “Is anyone asking a foreigner? Citizens for proof Vaccine or negative covid Test? “

Psaki begins to answer, “Well, first of all, I can You walk step by step. “

Dusi interrupted, “It’s a policy for people Who flies, so if someone walks Someone on the other side of the river Ask them to see the vaccine Card. “

Psaki began again, “I explain to you again, Peter, How the process works, as People come across Boundaries and assess whether they have Symptoms, and if they exist Signs they are quarantined. That’s it Process. They don’t want to stay Here for a long Time period.

Ducie, not getting it clearly, asked, “What’s the difference?”

Psyche tried to convince Lil Pitt, perhaps a million times, “It’s not the same thing. These are the people we have noticed and As discussed we are expelling Individuals based on Title 42, Especially because of Kovid, And we want to resist a Scene Where a huge number of people Gather and threaten Communities and immigrants Themselves. These are the principles We place in large chunks Because again the CDC recommendsitle 42. “

Jane Saki saw what Peter Dusi was trying to do and stopped him

Peter Dusi pointed out that Haitian immigrants receive better treatment and that Covid’s restrictions on them are less than those of the obsolete (mostly Republican).

Dusi’s statement was not correct because the United States is deporting Haitian immigrants. At the same time, the irresistible can stay in the United States when they can show evidence of a vaccine or covid test to go to a restaurant, concert, or be in a large group of people.

These two situations are not the same, and Jane Saki Peter Ducie did not allow President Biden to go through such an absurdly false equation.

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