See Jane Psyche stop a right-wing lie about Joe Biden

Press Secretary Jane Psyche shut down a New York Post reporter who tried to spread false propaganda about President Biden’s tax refund.


A reporter for the New York Post tried to inject false and baseless stories into the right-wing media because of a কর 500,000 salary tax on President Biden. After yelling at the reporter for about a minute, Saki cut him off and said he thought he knew where it was going. The press secretary said the story has been scrapped, Biden has released valuable tax returns for decades and he is moving forward.

Jane Psyche showed how to handle misinformation.

The false story about Biden behind the possible tax is so important on the right because Donald Trump is probably under multiple criminal investigations for millions of dollars in IRS and tax evasion.

There is no evidence that President Biden evaded paying taxes.


Trump and Biden are trying to dilute the water right to make them look equal in the eyes of swinging voters. This is a successful strategy that Republicans used in 2011.

Jane Psyche showed how to handle misinformation. He stopped it, canceled it, and moved on. The White House press secretary did not give credence to the invalid question.

Psaki is not going to allow the right to use daily White House briefings to deceive Biden and advance their efforts to promote Trump.

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