See Elizabeth Warren Get Out of the Heart of Biden’s Republican Criticism of Afghanistan

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) used her questions during a Senate hearing on Afghanistan for Biden’s main Republican critique.



Sen. Warren: It’s hard to get everyone out. There is definitely a problem Many Afghans had SIV Applicants are waiting in Kabul Trump will be removed because The administration was basically Close the program. The withdrawal was a massive one Operation conducted in one Chaotic, unpredictable Environment Some people have criticized you August1 to go to August. But I just want to explore it For a minute. General Millie, once Afghan The government collapsed in August Would you say stay in the past The date of their fall Would expose the power Enough from the ground Extra risk? “

General Millie: Yes. That is exactly what we evaluate If we pass st1, Risk for the US military Casualties, its risk Mission and most importantly Risk for America Citizens who are still there Going to a very high level. We thought it had a dimension Risks that were unacceptable.

Sen. Warren: Exactly so I’m sure, and Everyone has it Record If we stay one more week or so Two or three, then it’s probably There would have been another The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. Are you saying that

General Millie: I would say it’s a Assurance

Trump created the SIV mess, and Republicans wanted to send more troops to kill Biden.

Biden’s Republican criticism has largely complained that he has not cleared Trump’s special immigrant visa mess and that he will not send more young women to face certain deaths in Afghanistan.

The American people see what the Republicans are up to, and that’s why most of them supported leaving even after the terrorist attack on Kabul airport.


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