SEC Tether Documents – Denies request for Right to Information Act regarding Bitcoin News

September 2, Jacob Silverman, an activist writer for The New Republic, tweeted about a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request he filed that was ultimately denied. On social media platforms, Silverman wrote that he had received a response from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to his FOIA request, saying the responses had been “blocked due to a possible law enforcement investigation.”

Jacob Silverman seeks ‘access to all documents, emails, memos and reports related to Tithar’

There are one ton of stable currency nowadays and today, the value of all stable currency in existence is $ 129.7 billion. The oldest stable and largest in terms of market valuation, Tether (USDT) commands a total of .7 69.7 billion in all stable currencies. This Friday, a staff writer at the publication The New Republic, Jacob Silverman, Tweeted that he had applied for a FOIA request regarding “Tether” and “Tether Operations Limited”.

Basically, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request allows Americans to access the records of all federal agencies. However, the public cannot access the record (or part of the record) if it is protected by law enforcement investigation or record disclosure.

Today, an estimated three types of exclusions and nine exemptions could be used by a federal agency if records are investigated. Upon request, the searcher can specify the format and type of record.

Silverman was “seeking access to all documents, emails, memos and reports related to Tether Operations Limited.” The FOIA request can be found here, and Silverman tweeted about the government agency’s response.

“The SEC responded to the FOIA request. I submitted the information to Tether and Tether Operations Limited,” Silverman said. Said. “It has been closed due to a possible law enforcement investigation,” he added. The SEC Response notes that the agency is gaining an exemption.

“We have retained records that may respond to your request under 5 USC § 552 (b) (7) (a),” the SEC said in a statement. “This exemption protects law enforcement from compiled disclosure records, which are expected to interfere with proper enforcement activities. Since Exemption 7 (A) protects the record from disclosure, we have not determined whether other exemptions apply. Therefore, we reserve the right to claim other exemptions if exemption 7 (A) no longer applies. The SEC adds feedback:

A general policy of the Commission is to conduct its investigations on a non-public basis. Thus, subject to the provisions of the FOIA, the Commission does not disclose the existence or existence of any investigation or information collected unless it is the subject of public records before the Commission or in the proceedings brought before the court.

The response was different from the one Bennett Tomlin received about Tithar in February

Silverman’s response does not mean that the law enforcement agency or the federal agency itself is planning to charge the company for any illegal activity. Last February, analysts Bennett Tomlin Tether has also filed a FOIA request with the SEC regarding the document, and the letter states that after a thorough search of all SEC systems, the regulator “did not find or identify any information in response to your request.”

Tomlin in response to Silverman’s recent request and reply Tweeted About the request of FOIA and said: Hey [Jacob Silverman] You got a different response than a couple [of] A few months ago. “

“Which tells us that the SEC started it from February to now,” Tomlin said. “I do not think so [Jay] Clayton thought these were securities but it seems [Gary] Gensler says, “Analyst Finished.

What do you think of US regulator Jacob Silverman’s reaction to Tithar? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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