Scottish commentator Neil Oliver sees world leaders as “afraid of their own people.”

Elites, political leaders and millionaires fear, according to Scottish commentator Neil Oliver.

Look at what is happening around the world and you will see world leaders and elites want more control.

Sundance Scottish commentator Neil Oliver of the Conservative Treehouse shared the video below. Leaders and billionaire elites fear, according to Oliver:

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With huge wealth comes obviously big worries. As well as scaring people, like leaders, billionaires don’t like us. We’re spoiled like ants and like chickens which could otherwise be a beautiful picnic for them. Our short lives are small worries, rent, mortgage, health, education. But below them, more importantly, our lives are so different by circumstances, not fully understandable to them.

There are two groups to visit. Those who have everything to lose and those who have nothing to lose. Leaders feel that returning to the corner by the great wash often demands greater control for their own good and accepts security.

From the beginning the emperors felt safe when as many groups as possible were on their knees or lying face down so that they could walk. It is harder for a person to protect himself from a kneeling position or tendency, much less fighting. Fearful leaders need a barrier between themselves and the people and so prefer to accumulate value, food, wealth, resources, everything, so that they can be torn to pieces.

We are already talking about the end of money, as we know, it will be replaced by something virtual and digital, which you can not see and touch. Imagine a world where you don’t decide how much you will spend on beer, or meat, or on a holiday, but an algorithm is making that decision for your own good.

Oliver, best known as an archaeologist and presenter of several documentary series, including the history of Scotland, the Vikings and the Coast. This comment was genius.

Hat tip Ezequiel Doiny

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