Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Week of September 20 – 26, 2021

On Monday, September 20th, the full moon may be in the gentle, indomitable Pisces, but since it lands in the fifth house of your glamor, love and drama, it won’t be the kind of a h-hum! Whether you’re literally an actor or artist or another Scorpio “just” whose passion runs deep, life under this lunar lift can be intense at a fast pace. Single? A warmth – or is it “sering”? – The attraction could heat up to the boiling point in the next two weeks. If your feelings are not reciprocated, you may have to manually turn on that pilot light. But don’t underestimate your value. If you take a bold step but nothing is happening, cut the bait and move on to someone who will appreciate your wonder. At an LTR? Once a year this “final” moon can signal the deepening of your bond, which can start or expand a family for some couples. (So, uh, if you don’t try, be extra careful.) This fertile full moon can also give birth to an artistic work that you are proud to see your name on.

Downshift, Scorpio. After hosting the sun in your eleventh group activity for the past month, you are ready to come down and stay still for a while! So transferring El Sol to Cotton on Wednesday and your confident, relaxing twelfth home should come as welcome news. Let it take you four weeks off your annual to immerse yourself, dive into a good book (or streaming series) and start healing. Now and between October 23rd (when the Scorpio season begins!), Make a mental list of what you want to leave behind after the start of your personal astrological new year. This is an ideal time to say goodbye to someone who has given up toxic habits or is hindering your progress. Do your forgiveness – and gratitude – work, apologize to those you hurt. Literally, this is a great opportunity to get rid of the physical clutter from your life and residence. You may not realize how much these are holding you back, but once you go around your birthday, you want to be able to spread the wings and fly.

On Thursdays, be wary of anyone intending to push your buttons. The tension between Venus in your sign of the right mind and Uranus in the corner of your partnership can put pressure on a personal relationship, be it professional or romantic. Forget playing it cold; The provocative Uranus may make you feel scrapier than usual. But it is still worthwhile to find a way to get to the other side without breaking all these bottled rages.

Unexpected support may come this Saturday because your co-ruler Mars is consistent with Saturn’s stability in your basic fourth house. You’re always there for your inner circle, Scorpio, so why hesitate to go back to them when you have to lean on your helping hand or shoulder? If you’re stuck this weekend or a little down, don’t isolate yourself. Reach out to couples you trust perfectly – they may have an idea for what you know that might lift you up or save you hours of wasted time or energy. Just make sure you have enough privacy when the world becomes a little more.

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