Scientists accuse Trump of ‘election issues’

A scientist working for the Trump administration has repeatedly complained in emails that “selective things” are taking a dangerous priority over creating an effective response to the deadly COVID-19 crisis, the Washington Post reported.

According to the post, Donald Trump’s focus on the election continued, according to the email, even as the number of cases of Covid-1 cases in the United States rose to about two and a half million a day in January, the post noted.

Steven Hatfill, a virologist who advised Peter Navarro, the White House’s director of commerce, received emails from the House Select Committee investigating the White House’s response to the Covid-1 crisis.

“Now that the election is so close, Kovid is taking a back seat, but the disease is still nurturing him.[s] Ugly head again, ”Hatfill wrote to a colleague outside the White House in October 2020 in an email seen by the Post.

After the election, which Trump challenged, Hatfill revealed in another email that he had personally “gone to investigate the election fraud in November.”

Instead of concentrating on the epidemic, Hatfill traveled to Arizona after the close presidential vote. He emailed White House officials with information about the conspiracy theory of the Dominion voting system and sent an email to Navarro regarding “Trump’s Plan B for a Legal Fight,” citing former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

“The election is out of control. “My team goes wherever it goes,” Hatfill said in an email to another colleague, referring to further work challenging the results of the Nevada presidential election.

James Cliburn, chairman of the Covid-1 House Select Subcommittee, wrote in a September 23 memorandum: “Between election day and opening day, nearly 200,000 Americans lost their lives to covid,” Cliveburn added.

Hatfill defended his electoral work to the Post. He said in response to a newspaper question: “I was and will be disappointed that public health is considered political football. Moreover, I was disgusted with the destruction of the national epidemic plan at the hands of conflicting petty bureaucrats.

According to the post, in February 2020, Hatfill accurately predicted that problems with tests provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would severely hamper efforts to bring Kovid under control.

John Ashcroft, a former Army biological defense researcher and then-Attorney General, was named as a person involved in the 2001 anthrax attack when poison was sent in the mail. He was acquitted of any wrongdoing and won a in 5.85 million settlement from the judiciary in 200.

In a letter to WH Adviser ‘Person of Interest’ in 20 years, Hatfill wrote in an email exchange in February 2020, the Post stated that he “helped create a memo for the Big D last night.” “LOL only in America.”

Read the full story in the Washington Post here.

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