SaTT is set to pioneer blockchain-based advertising as it unveils its social media monetization platform.

Since becoming a record-breaking ১ 1 million ICO in 2020, SATT has been making headlines on cryptocurrency airwaves because it provides widespread support for the implementation of its long-term goals. The smart ad transaction token short SATT, Atayen, Inc. was launched with the aim of revolutionizing the advertising landscape.

An important milestone in the SATT roadmap is that since the project is set to unveil the concept of ad pool or ad pool, it will be launched alongside social network farming, which will ultimately allow companies and firms to reward creators more transparently. Commenting on the significance of the upcoming launch, Atayen said:

“To showcase the evidence for the technology, Atayen is offering the first ad pool on YouTube titled Proof of Concept: YouTube Challenge for interested beginners. Throughout the process, crypto youtubers can discover the benefits of SATT through their own YouTube channels and acquire SATT cryptocurrency.

After launch, the ad pool will debut with a total of 100 million SATT tokens aimed at gaining a total of 5 million views. To reach this milestone, manufacturers need to meet certain pre-determined performance-based requirements set by the firm.

According to Atayen, ad pool will allow content creators to automatically earn SAT through post-farming, which requires them to gain a certain number of views, likes or retweets. Manufacturers will be rewarded and the balance will be transferred once the SATT token prerequisites are met.

As a blockchain-based advertising platform powered by smart contract technology, all transactions will be fully automated without the presence of “middlemen”, thus challenging the lack of transparency that has confused the conventional advertising landscape.

SaTT, the pioneer of blockchain-based advertising

SATT has been shown to be effective in helping content producers get fair compensation that is proportional to the number of their work views and interactions. They are concerned about their fundamental responsibility to create the best advertising solution for all parties involved, which is otherwise missing from other prominent platforms such as YouTube and traditional themed advertising platforms.

Given the lack of transparency in traditional advertising and the lack of measurement of inefficient advertising, the SATT platform is committed to maintaining a fair and transparent connection between advertisers and business brands, which will ultimately eliminate fraud. There is no additional cost for a monthly subscription instead of ensuring that advertisers receive compensation based on the effectiveness of their advertising.

With the help of Decentralized Smart Contract Oracle, SAT brings together advertisers, publishers (social media influencers), allows publishers to create content through these social media channels and instead pays for their efforts based on the level of engagement (views, shares, likes). , Publication comments). The YouTube Proof of Concept, which is set to launch in a few weeks, will set the tone for SATT to achieve its desired goals.

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