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Over the past few days, cryptocurrency advocates have been discussing the Sat symbol initiative, a goal that is to find a specially designed symbol to represent the smallest unit of Bitcoin and to widely adopt that symbol. The SAT symbol has been promoted by several crypto luminaires but others have offered alternative ideas.

An initiative to symbolize the smallest unit of Bitcoin

Most people know that Satoshi Nakamoto was the inventor of the Bitcoin protocol, the “purely peer-to-peer version of the electronic cache” that was launched in January of 200. The word Satoshi has Japanese roots and translates the name into definitions such as ‘quick-witted,’ ‘clear-minded,’ and ‘wise.’

In addition, the popular anime Pokemon’s main human character Ash Kechum is named “Satoshi” in Japanese. Although the discoverer of Bitcoin used this name, the term “satoshi” (short hand word) is also the smallest unit of Bitcoin.

The Sat Symbol Initiative effort seeks to widely embrace its Satoshi design by the Bitcoin community.
There have been many attempts to tie a symbol to the word Satoshi, the smallest single bitcoin.

The term satoshi has been widely adopted by the crypto community when referring to the smallest unit of bitcoin. About two years ago, in mid-October 2011, the Oxford University Press published its quarterly report explaining the term Satoshi, which was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) database.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is divisible by up to eight decimal points. Each bitcoin is equivalent to 100 million satoshi and the protocol has a supply cap of approximately 21 million bitcoins. Now there is an initiative that is trying to find a symbol for the smallest unit of bitcoin that the community has widely embraced.

The Sat Symbol Initiative effort seeks to widely embrace its Satoshi design by the Bitcoin community.
The Sat Symbol initiative is hosted on a web portal called

The web portal shows the concept as three parallel horizontal lines and has a small vertical line above and below the horizontal line stack. The website features the orange “B” bitcoin symbol and shows how it relates to the Satoshi design concept in animated fashion.

“Support the Bitcoin design initiative as an official Satoshi symbol – open, free, and unlimited Sitoshi as it pleases – please share if you agree,” the website explains.

The Satoshi symbol discussion is re-ignited

Around Thursday evening (EST), the term was “Satoshi”. Running Lots of trending tweets to share the design of the Sat symbol enterprise. Michael Stiller of Microstrategy shared the web domain on Twitter and Said: “Satisfied stay with you.”

Crypto scholar and self-proclaimed “Bitcoin maximist” Max Keizer decided Share an alternative idea Which may represent the Satoshi symbol. “The symbol of Satoshi should be a tild. That’s enough of an infinity sign – and it’s on every keyboard. ~ 1,000,000 = 1 million SAT, “Keiser added.

Others To share The S symbol of the old school (“Cool S,” also known as “Stossy S” or “Super S”)) all the cold kids would come back during the day. Dennis Porter, a Bitcoin proponent Said He agrees with Kaiser’s idea. “I agree with Max Keizer on the Satoshi symbol. It’s on every keyboard that will make it backwards compatible, ”Porter wrote.

However, another person disagreed with the adoption of the Kaiser symbol and one person replied to Porter and Said: “Max is not often wrong. He made a mistake in this regard. This symbol is even better,” while sharing a screenshot of the Sat Symbol initiative photo.

A number of others Tweeted About the Saturn Symbol initiative on Thursday evening. The idea of ​​calling Bitcoin the smallest unit of Satoshi was conceived in 2010 when a man dubbed “Reebok” suggested that one-hundredth of Bitcoin should be called Satoshi to honor the inventor of the protocol.

The SAT Symbol Initiative effort seeks to have its Satoshi design widely adopted by the Bitcoin community.
This design was shared in 2019-2019 Ty (s @) sign (@bitficus) And while it was popular, the idea was never widely accepted.

The idea of ​​Reebok is almost stuck and most people use the word satoshi to represent the smallest unit of bitcoin but as far as the symbol goes, a widely accepted idea may not work.

The Try There have been many attempts to tie a symbol to the word but so far everyone has failed in the end. In July 2019, when Square Crypto launched a trend on Twitter Asked the man To share designs that can represent the smallest growth of Bitcoin. One person Says Square that he Planned A fairly popular idea that gained some attraction.

What do you think about the SAT symbol initiative and the many attempts to get the symbol with the smallest unit of Bitcoin? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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