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On Tuesday, Salvadoran President Naib Bukle shared a video of a bitcoin mine adjacent to a volcano. Buckley discussed the June volcanic-driven bitcoin mine when he talked about “955 MW of 100% clean, 0 emission geothermal energy from our volcanoes.”

El Salvador’s Naib Buckel shares a video of the ‘first steps’ behind the construction of a volcanic bitcoin mine

President of El Salvador Shared a video The social media platform called it the “first step” via Twitter, as the picture shows ASIC bitcoin mining rigs being installed at a geothermal energy plant. The video shows the container bearing the Salvadoran government logo and a large quantity of ASIC mining equipment. The video has been viewed nearly 2 million times on Twitter, and Buchel’s video tweet has more than 50K likes and more than 12,000 retweets.

Although many Bitcoin proponents said the mining facility was “impressive”, a few Salvadoran citizens complained about the use of force. “So, there are more energy production centers, but to mine bitcoin,” one person said Ask President of Salvadoran. “Those who have been waiting for electricity for more than 30 years. Not that you will help those who need it the most? Hypocritical, ”the person added.

Salvadoran President shared a video of the volcanic-powered bitcoin mining facility
The video, shared by Salvadoran President Naib Bukle, shows pictures of shipping containers with the Salvadoran government logo.

Many people shook the woman to ask Buckley this question, but several people were stuck for her. “He’s just as surprised as the average person,” another person said Replied In Naib Buckel’s tweet thread. “Why is there money to set up power plants? [bitcoin] There is no money for excavation and supply to the entire population. Before insulting people, make an argument, “Person Added. In addition to the introduction of volcanic-driven bitcoin mining this past June, Buckley discusses this in more detail in an episode of “What Bitcoin Did”.

‘Very clean source of energy with almost no downside,’ the project would cost 80 480 million to build

Salvadoran told presidential host Peter McCormack how “El Salvador is not a country that is recognized as the first in innovation”, but he asked, “Why not this time?”

The video shares pictures of workers installing the ASIC Bitcoin Mining Rig.

Although Buckley stressed during his interview that geothermal energy is “a very clear source of energy” and that it has “almost no negative aspects”, the Salvadoran president did not specifically mention the fact that Salvadoran people do not have access to electricity. According to the latest statistics, “Currently, the electrification index is 83.4%” in El Salvador. El Salvador’s major urban areas have about 97% electricity access, while the country’s rural areas today show an electrification index estimate of 72%.

The video shows an aerial view of the volcanic-powered bitcoin mining facility.

El Salvador is the largest producer of geothermal energy in Central America and the country suffered a power outage in July. The El Salvador-based regional operator Entity (EOR) told the media that they had seen “2,300 MW of load loss.”

Power outages in El Salvador and other parts of Central America have cost about 18 18.2 million. “At that time, our demand in the Central American region was about 300 megawatts. We have lost 0% of the electric power load, ”EOR director Renেনে Gonzalez told reporters.

While discussing the volcanic bitcoin mining experiment with Peter McCormack, Buckle stressed that the project would be costly. “It’s going to cost 480 million, so it’s going to be a legacy for the country because we’re building the infrastructure provided by Bitcoin,” Buckley said in his interview. In addition, El Salvador’s electricity demand is expected to grow at a rate of 5% per year.

What do you think of the ‘first step’ volcanic-driven bitcoin mining video shared by Salvadoran President Naib Buchanan? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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