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Salvadoran president, Naib Bukle, announced Friday that Chivo Wallet users will be able to get discounts on petroleum fill-ups at the country’s largest gas station. Chivo wallet users will save 0. 0.20 per gallon using government crypto wallets to pay for fuel.

The government of Salvadoran President Naib Buckel subsidizes the country’s petrol market

Following in the footsteps of President Salvadoran, Naib Buckley unveiled the benefits of volcanic-driven bitcoin mining, this Friday, Buckley Says His Twitter followers are about two positive implementations made by the government. To begin with, Buckle explained that he had signed a decree approving a fund to stabilize gas prices in El Salvador. He noted that gas prices were expected to rise but his decree stopped the rise.

In fact, gas prices will see a “slight decline,” Buckley insisted. “The government will exploit the growth that has been going on in the international market for a year,” the president said. Buchel added, “If anything is reduced, they will be transferred directly to the price of existing brand LPG cylinders in our country.”

The president further said that households that have already received gas subsidies will continue to receive assistance and since gas prices will not increase, they will see a reduction instead. “This will not only reduce household pockets, but also help small businesses strengthen our economy, and even the most risky sectors will reap the benefits of our country’s economic growth,” Buckley said.

Chivo Wallet users will save 0. 0.20 per gallon

Following these statements, Buckley detailed that Chivo Bitcoin Wallet users will be able to get a gas discount per gallon when filling out.

Salvadoran President Naib Bukle says citizens will get Chibo wallet discounts for gas

The guidelines for this new discount are not very clear, but Bookley said that if a customer uses the Chivo Wallet app to pay, the country’s largest gas station companies will reduce the price of gas by 20 0.20 per gallon. He also shared a few ads that showed the participating gas stations. Buckle says:

The state-owned company Chivo has negotiated with the largest gas station companies in our country, so from tomorrow these gas stations will sell fuel at a lower price of $ 0.20 per gallon, including the Chivo wallet.

What do you think of Salvador residents getting a 0.20 discount per gallon when they pay to refill gas using the Chivo Wallet app? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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