Saleh Bemburi: Designers inspire a generation of sneakerheads

Bembury Rent After taking the same path almost every day in LA for the first few years of his life, another pedestrian took him to a different path – much harder but one that would take him even higher, about 4,000 feet above Los Angeles. Bemburi faced the challenge, and it became almost every morning that the designer travels. At the summit, he is above the clouds. This trip is so terrifying (or perhaps unknown) that he rarely sees anyone else. Beware of the mountain lion, he carries an air horn, a taser and a knife.

Although the journey began as an important tool for her mental and physical health, she often took enough pictures that it became part of her brand. Her fans analyze the photos she posted, wondering if she would make shoes inspired by the cloud or purple cake. A few lucky celebrities জন John Mayer, the rapper Amin, and Oscar-nominated actress Cynthia Arevo তাদের can join him. He prides himself on his ability to find his feet with someone. “I’m one of the few people who can stay cold on the stage behind Migos and have tea with Donatella at his house,” he said. “I did it comfortably and I was.”

Bemburi knows better than anyone that her unique talent is not necessarily to design sneakers. Instead, he has a combination of skills that no designer has ever needed – when they are suddenly critical. “There are sneaker designers who are much more talented than me, but they may not be the best at branding or the best at social media or the best at marketing,” she said. “Because I would argue that the thing that makes me a designer is a combination of 10 things. Although I know some designers are sick sex designers, they’re awkward as fucking or they don’t know how to dress, or people don’t like to be around them. [They] There are no other nine things.

Show her what she wants to see on social media: The life of a respected sneaker designer. “You’re looking at the life of footwear designer Saleh Bemburi,” he says. “So if I’m with someone you expect from Saleha The Shoe Designer, I’m probably going to document it. But if I’m with someone you don’t need to know – like, I’m going to see my dad – he won’t be on my Instagram. Because it’s not your business. ”

Bembury struggles to come up with a contemporary idea – because he doesn’t consider himself an extraordinary genius, because he originally entered this completely new way of designing sneakers, at the very moment when a role like his became possible. While at Cole Hane, he confirmed that sites like Hypbist knew he had worked on the brand’s Nike-infused LunarGrand. “It was my gateway to keep a short name,” he says. He carried a wooden briefcase with him wherever he went – a strange object almost impossible to forget. Now she goes with a less unwieldy beanie. When I noticed someone lying on a chair in his studio, it was as if he had suddenly steamed.

Meanwhile, Nike’s fiery-warm collaboration with designers like Virgil Abello has proven that fashion figures can remove sneakers as successfully as A-list entertainers. Instead of being buried somewhere in the company’s corporate directory, Bembary’s name appears on his new balance sneakers.

“Everyone’s dream was to work at Nike, Jordan or Adidas,” says D’Wayne Edwards, founder of the Paduka Design Academy Pencil. “But for years now, kids have been saying, ‘I want my own company.’ “The rise of collaboration makes it easier to realize that dream – just change some colors around and voice” a lot of these kids, “Bemburi said,” just want an instant answer ‘How can I be yours overnight?’ ”

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