Saints vs. Seahawks Live Score, Update, Highlights from NFL ‘Monday Night Football’ Game

Zeno Smith will start a second prime-time in a row – and a third prime-time appearance in a row – when he leads the Seahawks against the Saints at home in “Monday Night Football”.

Seattle’s replacement for injured starting quarterback Russell Wilson would go against a New Orleans defense that allowed a total of nine interceptions and allowed just five touchdown passes through five games. Smith threw an obstacle in a Week 5 Thursday night game against the Rams. He was fired five times on Sunday night at the Steelers in Seattle’s 23-20 overtime 6 weeks.

Week 8 Power Ranking: Tracking Riser and Fallers

In the passing game, he will notice No. 1 wide receiver DK Metcalfe. Metcalfe held six passes for 58 yards vs. Steelers but failed to score for the first time in 2 weeks.

Fantasy: Hit update for Saints-Seahawks

According to Fanduel, The Saints (3-2) are in favor of 5.5 points in this matchup. Part of the reason is the possibility of Saints QB James Winston tearing up the Seahawks’ defense, which allowed a game of 292.3 passing yards through six games. Seattle (2-4) is 24th in the league with 7.2 net yards allowed per play.

History: Revisiting the suction punch that began Smith’s fall with the Jets

Sporting News is tracking Saints vs. Seahawks on “Monday Night Football” Follow for live scoring updates and highlights from NFL Week 7 games.

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Cents vs. Seahawks score

Question 1 Question 2 Q3 Q4 F
Saint 0
Seahawks 7

Saints vs. Seahawks live update, highlight from ‘Monday Night Football’

East all the time.

9:30 pm: Touchdown Saints. Winston dropped the snap but picked it up and found Kamara, who ran it into the last area to score. Saints 10-7 ahead With 40 seconds half left.

9:25 pm: Seahawks punt with half left 2:26.

9:22 pm: After completing the pass from Smith, Everett went down first and the Cents threw the ball to the player who was out of bounds. Everett was punished for behaving like an sportman for 15 yards.

9:20 pm: An abusive penalty against Everett pushed Seattle to its own 40s.

9:18 pm: Field Goal Cents. The Saints settle to get points on the board after failing to cross the last zone. Saints Trail 7-3 There are less than five minutes left.

9:15 pm: The Saints were rejected in the second and one and third and two goal lines.

9:12 pm: Winston ran from the pocket to the sideline and pumped the net while running for 18 yards.

9:06 pm: Bobby Wagner stopped Camara a little down from the first down marker to the fourth down and forced the inch. Winston puts it again and gives the Saints the first down at 33.

9:03 pm: James Winston put the ball down in the fourth and rushed from 46 to give the Saints a new set down.

9:00 pm: Alton Robinson hit the camera and stopped at the scrimmage line in the third down. The Saints line up to form the punt and call a time out to have 10:30 left.

8:55 pm: The Saints defense pushed Smith to the third down and the Seahawks were forced to punt again.

8:54 pm: Seahawks calls them first time from the half at 14:53.

First Quarter: Seahawks 7, Saints 0

8:48 pm: Over time in the pocket, Zeno Smith ran a 12-yard run to land first on the Saints 47.

8:45 pm: Winston was sacked in third for losing two yards. The Saints were forced and Seattle was allowed to start at 41.

8:41: Seattle kicked a 52-yard punt in the wind and rain, allowing the Saints to take charge at 20.

8:38 pm: Metcalfe and Latimore push each other and Latimore gets a 15-yard penalty.

8:35 pm: Winston throws deep and misses Kenny Steels in the second down. In the game below, Kamara ran six yards but fell short of the first down marker. The Saints push and let the Seahawks take possession of one of them.

8:27 pm: Touchdown Seahawks. Smith fills DK to Metcalfe and frees the receiver from DB Marshan Latimore for an 84-yard score. Gives extra points Seattle leads 6-0 The first quarter has 10:09 left.

8:22 pm: James Winston missed a deep pass aimed at Trey Quann Smith. The Saints are forced to put pressure on their opening drive after failing to complete the third down.

8:18 pm: The Saints made a big defensive play and held Seattle to no profit in the third and one. Seattle is forced to put pressure on their opening drive.

8:15 pm: The Saints won the toss and elected to field. The Seahawks started with the ball from 26.

Saints vs. Seahawks start time

  • Date: Monday, October 25th
  • Kick: 8:15 pm ET

Cents vs. The Seahawks match will begin at 8:15 pm ET at Seattle’s Lumen Field All 2021 “Monday Night Football” games will begin at 8:15 p.m. ET.

How to watch ‘Monday Night Football’

  • TV Channel (National): ESPN
  • Live: ESPN App | fuboTV | ESPN +

Week 7 will culminate in “Monday Night Football” with the Saints facing off, Steve Levy will lead the play-by-play and Brian Greece and Louis Riddick will provide analysis on ESPN broadcasts. Lisa Salters will be the game’s sideline reporter and former NFL referee John Parry will be the rules analyst.

Manningcast returns on Monday, with Payton and Eli Manning calling the game back on ESPN2.

Streaming listeners can watch the game using the ESPN app or ESPN +, or fuboTV, which offers a 7-day free trial.

‘Monday Night Football’ Schedule 2021

ESPN will broadcast 17 regular-season “Monday Night Football” games in 2021. There was no Week 1 Doubleheader, but due to the extension of the season for 17 games in 18 weeks, there will be an extra week of “Monday Night Football”. “The program will not be broadcast on Week 18 because all the games of that week are played on Sundays.”

Week Date Matchup
Week 1 13 September Las Vegas Raiders vs. Baltimore Ravens
Week 2 20 September Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions
Week 3 September 28 Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Week 4 4 October Los Angeles Chargers vs. Las Vegas Raiders
Week 5 October 11 Baltimore Ravens vs. Indianapolis Colts
Week 6 October 18 Tennessee Titans vs. Buffalo Bill
Week 7 October 25 Seattle Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints
Week 8 November 19 Kansas City Chief vs. New York Giants
Week 9 November 8 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Chicago Bears
Week 10 November 15 San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams
Week 11 November 22 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New York Giants
12 weeks November 29 Washington football team vs. Seattle Seahawks
13 weeks December 6 Buffalo Bill vs. New England Patriots
Week 14 13 December Arizona Cardinal vs. Los Angeles Rams
Week 15 December 20 Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings
16 weeks December 26 New Orleans Saints vs. Miami Dolphins
Week 17 January 3 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns

Saints Schedule 2021

Week Date Opponent Kick off time Television
1 12 September Vs. Packers 4:25 pm ET The fox
2 19 September At the Panthers 1 p.m. The fox
3 September 28 Patriotic A. 1 p.m. The fox
4 October 3 Vs. the monster 1 p.m. The fox
5 October 10 At WFT 1 p.m. CBS
6 October 17 Goodbye
7 October 25 (Mon) At seahawks 8:15 p.m. ESPN
8 October 31 Vs. Bucs 4:25 p.m. The fox
9 November 8 Vs. Falcons 1 p.m. The fox
10 November 14 In the Titans 1 p.m. CBS
11 November 21 At Eagles 1 p.m. The fox
12 November 25 (Thursday) Vs. Bill 8:20 pm NBC
13 December 2 (Thursday) Vs. Cowboys 8:20 pm Fox / NFLN / Amazon
14 12 December Jets 1 p.m. The fox
15 December 19 At Bucs 8:20 pm NBC
16 December 26 (Mon) Vs. dolphins 8:15 p.m. ESPN
17 January 2 Vs. Panthers 1 p.m. The fox
18 January 9 At the Falcons 1 p.m. The fox

Seahawks Schedule 2021

Week Date Opponent Kick off time Television
1 12 September At the Colts 1 pm ET The fox
2 19 September Vs. Titans 4:25 pm ET CBS
3 September 28 At the Vikings 4:25 pm ET The fox
4 October 3 At 49ers 4:05 pm ET The fox
5 Oct. 7 (Thursday) Vs. Rams 8:20 pm ET Fox / NFLN / Amazon
6 October 17 At steelers 8:20 pm ET NBC
7 October 25 (Mon) Vs. saint 8:15 p.m. ESPN
8 October 31 Vs. Jaguar 4:05 pm ET CBS
9 Goodbye
10 November 14 At Packers 4:25 pm ET CBS
11 November 21 Vs. Cardinal 4:25 pm ET The fox
12 November 29 (Mon) At WFT 8:15 pm ET ESPN
13 5 December Vs. 49ers 8:20 pm ET NBC
14 12 December In Texans 1 pm ET The fox
15 December 19 Ramsay 4:25 pm ET The fox
16 26 December Vs. Bear 4:05 pm ET The fox
17 January 2 Vs. the lion 4:25 pm ET The fox
18 January 9 Cardinal A. 4:25 pm ET The fox

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