Sai Praneeth blames back pain and lack of confidence for poor form, targets Indonesia Open for revival

The last few months have been a tippy-turvy affair for B Sai Praneeth. After reaching one of the landmarks of his career with qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, things started to go terribly wrong for Sai Praneeth.

The first Olympics has been a memorable experience for Sai Praneeth as he failed to win two of his league matches against a lower-ranked opponent. The surprise defeat meant he did not qualify for the knock-out stages of the four-year Games. Agus D’Santoso of Indonesia is with Sai Praneet as the coach of the Tokyo Olympics.

After a disappointing performance at the Tokyo Games, Sai had expected a better performance from Praneeth in the Sudirman Cup and the Thomas Cup.

However, bad runs continued for Sai Praneeth in the team event as he failed to meet expectations. World No. 16 shuttler Mino was unable to win his matches against the Netherlands and Tahiti but lost to Denmark in a crucial battle.

Sai Praneeth reached the lowest point when he was knocked out in the first round of the Danish Open in Odense. In an all-India opening encounter, Sai made Kidambi lost in a straight game against Srikanth.

I’m feeling frustrated with my recent performances: Sai made

Sai Praneeth, 29, is feeling frustrated by his disappointing results. Hyderabadi called it one of the lowest stages of his career.

“It’s not a good feeling when you keep losing. Obviously I’m disappointed with the recent results. It was a below performance from me. It hurts more when people expect more from me. I am less confident now because I have not been able to perform to the best of my ability, ”said Sai.

The 2019 BWF World Championships bronze medalist Sai has been battling back pain for the past six months. This is due to the extra effort in training over time.

Sai Praneeth will compete in the Indonesian Masters next month after a three-week break
Sai Praneeth will compete in the Indonesian Masters next month after a three-week break

“Many do not know but I have been suffering from this back pain for the last few months. It’s definitely affecting my game. I can’t give my best because the pain stays all the time. I have borne this pain during and after the Olympics. It’s not a hit. It’s just a pain but it’s definitely hindering my movement in court, ”Sai Praneeth said.

Pulela Gopichand Badminton Academy trainee Sai Praneeth is taking a break from participating in the tournament. He wants to solve this problem before competing in the tournament again.

“I was supposed to play in a few tournaments but I came back to India after the Danish Open. I want to take a break now. I am working hard to strengthen my back and solve this back problem once and for all. I am working with my physiotherapist on how to do exercises to strengthen my back. Although I resumed my practice a few days ago after my return to Hyderabad, the focus has been on strengthening the aspects, ”said Sai Praneeth.

Arjuna Award winner Sai Praneeth is targeting Indonesian masters for his revival. The BWF World Tour Super 750 Tournament will be held in Bali, Indonesia from November 16 to 21, 2021.

“There are still three weeks left to be the Indonesian Masters. I want to train well and be fresh to fight again. I am working with my coach Gopichand Sir and support staff on how I can best use this time to prepare myself. I hope to use this period to analyze my past performance. I know it’s just a matter of a few wins and I’ll regain my lost confidence. Hopefully, Masters of Indonesia, I will achieve my goal, ”said Sai Praneeth.

Gopi Sir is helping me to overcome my bad condition with his guidance: Sai made

Sai Praneeth has a strong bond with head national coach Pulela Gopichand. For Sai Praneet, Gopichand is more than a mentor. In this difficult time, Sai Praneeth is relying on his mentor to pull him through the crisis.

“I talk to Gopi Sir regularly. He is just as frustrated with my lack of form. However, as a coach and former taker player, he knows that every player goes through this kind of difficult period in their career. According to him I am just a few big wins away from getting my old touch back. He believes I can still reach the top in a few more years. I am hopeful that the fate will change soon, ”said Sai.

Critics have been shooting for Sai Praneeth’s blood since his disappointing performances at the Olympics, the Sudirman Cup, the Thomas Cup and the Danish Open. The time has come for Sai Praneeth to respond to his critics with improved performances in the next few tournaments.

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