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Week of September 20 – 26, 2021

How sweet is your house, Sag? On Monday, September 20th, the only full moon of the year in Pisces illuminates your domestic fourth house, helping you to see clearly where your greatest joys come from – but where things are not quite capacitive. Whether you need to make some changes in your physical abode or with people living under your roof, the next two weeks of this lunar lift are perfect for making those changes, or at least suitable for ball rolling. Although in the “normal” years your peripatetic sign may consider a place to keep your suitcase and do laundry in the escape, since the epidemic hit, you can spend more time in the Casa Archer than ever before. Keep clear eye sight around. If your decor is a mix of things you’ve acquired over the years – perhaps from your travels – it may be time to make some deliberate corrections. From consignment stores to eBay to offerups, a wealth of “softly used” assets awaits new owners. But before you bring anything up, clear up what you don’t love – and be tough on yourself. Chaos and rubbish and things you haven’t worn or used … How long has it been, Sagittarius? Think of private storage systems as well as gorgeous furniture and industry. Take the next two weeks to get started, but then, plan to keep it until it’s done!

Your social high season officially starts from this Wednesday because the high-powered sun enters the annual delicious cotton and your eleventh house group activity for a month. Even if you still want to follow the safety guidelines, you will definitely get a chance to flutter your social-butterfly wings বিশেষ especially if you are more locked than your nomadic soul endures. From now on, plan for the lost time and re-launch of old connections by October 23rd. This week will be ideal for friends, cool colleagues and even those you are interested in getting to know better during this solar eclipse. Even action-related team projects can feel scattered with pixie dust!

Anxiety may increase due to Thursday’s nerve-wracking opposition between the unexpected Uranus and the compatibility of Venus in your insightful twelfth house. But beware, Archer অন্য otherwise, you may find yourself starting to call yourself a kettle corn, mind-numbing substance and even meaningless booty. Staying cool won’t be easy, but losing your cool should be avoided at any cost. Before you overheat, hop on a cardio machine or do a quick HIIT workout to keep tension under control.

Saturday, the inspirational Mars is consistent with the practical Saturn in your “home of man”. This grounding (yet stimulating) transit will float throughout the weekend, so get out and take a tour. Log in for an unnecessary gathering of friends, watch workshops or live music or other possible events. Don’t be surprised if you communicate quickly with someone else doing the same thing, but keep it loose. Chances are good that you will meet only one kind of soul.

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