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A recent report released by a leading internet security firm said cryptocurrency-related threats have followed prices, which have declined significantly since the market slumped in May. Identification has dropped by almost a quarter but Russia remains the most affected country, with the United States also ranking in the top three.

ESET: 10 crypto-focused threats have been identified in Russia

Software threats in the crypto space, especially malware mining, relying heavily on the development of the cryptocurrency market, cybersecurity company ESET concluded in its Threat Report T2 2021. Calm down, “Note the study authors throughout the second quarter of the year and add:

Cryptocurrency investment scams, where con artists lure their suspected victims into fake investment websites or government authorities and even celebrities in disguise, are more popular than ever.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced in May that victims of such scandals had lost at least ০ 100 million in just a few months since October 2020. Meanwhile, a single crypto ponzi scheme in Russia, Finico, has sent more than half of the ০০ 100 million in crypto funds sent from Eastern Europe, blockchain forensic firm Choenalysis has revealed in a preview of the geography of its latest cryptocurrency report.

Russia, US top 3 cyber security report for crypto-related threats
Source: ESET

Nevertheless, in T2, 2021, ESET’s detection of all crypto-related threats decreased by 23.6%. At the same time, some countries are deeply affected by this phenomenon. Most notably, the Russian Federation is still at the top of the chart, 10% in all cases. Russia ranks Peru with 8.%% and the United States is third with 5.3%, the report said.

Zia Kropi, head of Threat Detection Labs at Slovakia-based ESET, said: “Over the past few months, we have seen cryptocurrency detection rates fluctuate with cryptocurrency prices. .

Cryptocillers, however, are not so dependent on volatile markets, Kropa added. “Cybercriminals have no reason to abandon a currency if it depreciates, as it represents a reliable tool, bringing benefits as well as blackmail opportunities,” the ESET executive said in detail.

The European cyber security company further stated that it has been monitoring the cryptocurrency domains for the period covered by the report. “By the nature of this activity – running cryptocurrency software in the background of compromised websites – the most visited cryptojacking domains continue to be portals with adult content, free streaming websites, torrent sites and forums.”

Do you agree with ESET that crypto-related threats in cyberspace are affected by the value of cryptocurrencies? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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