Russia calls for ‘concerted efforts’ to adhere to UN Charter objectives and policies – Global Issue

Sergei Lavrov told delegates that extensive cooperation at the UN was “especially relevant now, when the number of problems in the international program is increasing”.

He said the scope of the threat at the border was expanding everywhere, and “perhaps the right was being exercised instead of international law with increasing frequency. There is no shortage of leading powers in terms of world order policy.”

He said that for Russia, it was clear that only through concerted efforts in accordance with universally accepted rules of international law could one effectively deal with threats and challenges; First and foremost, the purpose and principles of the UN Charter.

The UN must express ‘full potential’

He said the United Nations should “play a central coordinating role in world politics, fully disclosing the possibility of universal multilateralism and legitimacy.”

In recent times, he said, there have been many attempts to “reduce” the role of the United Nations, or to make it a “flexible tool” for the promotion of selfish national interests.

He criticized the notion of “rule-based order”, which “Westerners are constantly introducing into political discourse in opposition to international law.”

Russian Federation – Foreign Minister addresses UN General Assembly (EN)

Lavrov said the recent U.S. “Summit for Democracy” proposal was more “in the spirit of the Cold War” because it declared a new ideological crusade against all dissidents. He said it was against President Biden’s call to stop dividing the world into opposition blocs.

He criticized the United States and its Western allies for not disagreeing with the democratic sensibilities and called on the United States not to impose its “development model” on others, saying the rule-based order was “based on double standards.”

He said the use of unilateral sanctions and sanctions by countries has damaged the rights of the Security Council and the UN-centric architecture that was transformed after World War II, proving “reliable insurance against repeated catastrophic situations. Global challenge.” .

The veteran diplomat added, “Russia strongly supports the rejection of any conflicts and stereotypes, and joins efforts to resolve key development issues.”

He called on the Security Council to reform, and to “adapt to the realities of the multilateral world system by expanding its growing representation in Asia, Africa and Latin America” โ€‹โ€‹and to take “real joint action”.

P5 summit call

He referred to President Putin’s proposal to convene a summit of the five permanent members of the Security Council, China, France, Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom, to “openly discuss global stability.”

He said all countries are on the same boat, with the same interests, and that it must ensure that “the boat will float safely in the waves of world politics.”

To work together, despite differences, and for the common good, to save this present generation from the horrors of war and the next generation from the hunger and disease of war, the honorable mission of the United Nations must be fulfilled, a more peaceful, stable and democratic future for all. Let me suggest a hashtag, #UNCharterIsOurRules.

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