Russell Brand was “Beyond Frustrated” propaganda to find out the allegations of the Trump-Russia alliance: “What other things” did they lie about? | Video

English film star and comedian Russell Brand posted a video on YouTube this week with the headline, “So that Trump deserved the clash between Clinton and Russia !!”

He said Special Counsel John Durham had accused Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign-related lawyer Michael Susman of lying to the FBI that he had launched an investigation into the “Trump-Russia alliance.”

“It seems like many years ago we heard that Trump had an alliance with Russia, he could not have won the election without Russia, his whole presidency was Putin’s conspiracy,” he said. “Now there is serious evidence that the Clinton campaign and the Hillary Clinton Acolytes were involved in a generation that turned out to be an untrue conspiracy.”

“Think about how much media you’ve seen? I, a man who, broadly speaking, is a liberal on the left, certainly doesn’t support the Trump Republicans … I find myself shocked, amazed, amazed and shocked by this explosion. Russiagate was a democracy. Conspiracy. “

“I want to believe that the Democratic Party is credible. They are a party of diversity, and truth, and social justice, all great, positive ideas. My concern is that these are the overall issues to mask regular corruption.”

“Every late-night talk-show, all the news, it was just-you bombed it …. and it was, as it were, being discussed as if it’s a perfect truth. Discover that it was propaganda, a structure. , A confectioner of the Democratic Party – who must be in government now – is kind of frustrating, because you start asking questions and asking if other things may not be true. “

“Once you acknowledge that people create certain truths to meet certain goals and objectives, you will be able to believe in their honesty. It is clearly extinct. This is a big enough problem to worry about, but what else is meant?”

“It suggests to me that everything is a kind of construction. All the information that is sold is incredible. The primary task is to create a state where people don’t question or question … and the truth is just lost and irrelevant.”

“Many of these stories are so important that what you want to believe is the transport of truth.”

“He’s just a concerned private citizen, a regular Joe, working as a lawyer for the Clinton campaign, a mother-and-pop operation, and I’m moving on to cyber security for Clinton, I have no skin in the game, I’m just this fictional bunch.” I want to serve justice on lies, ”he said, mocking Susman. “I’m an ordinary citizen who is raising money from the Clinton campaign.”

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