Roy Jones Jr. trolled Twitter

Roy Jones Jr.

Roy Jones Jr.
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Looking at sports in the age of social media, we often wonder how some of the big names of the past generation will handle themselves today. At least one former superstar athlete of the ’90s and’ 0000s has confirmed how he dealt with social media trolls in the days of fighting Twitter and others.

During a recent interview, former multi-weight class world champion Roy Jones Jr. was asked if he could make it into the social media era of sports. Jones’s answer was quick and straightforward to the point.

“No, I won’t, because I’m going to jail,” Jones said. “Because if you talk about me on social media, I’ll hit you in the face. So, when I see you, I’ll go to jail. ”

While Jones is saying this with a little smile, I don’t want to be a person to test him on the fact that I was another boxer or just your ordinary Twitter troll. Imagine talking rubbish with the verdict on social media, then somehow end up in the same place as the champion. I’m sure he won’t hit an ordinary civilian, but another fighter could be a fair game.

The social media talk came from a fighter Jones who is coaching Chris Ubank Jr., who called during a Ubank press conference on Saturday night to fight Wanik Audijan. Audijan For talking crazy on social media. Ubank then Decided to talk to her in the ring, Audizan was forced to stop at the fifth round after refusing to leave his corner for the sixth round.

Although Jones commented on his punching the boys in the face for speaking on social media, I can imagine him running over the opponent before or after the fight and giving a little extra punishment for what he said about him online.

The number of athletes who can keep their beef online is somewhat significant today. With so much being insulted online, I’m wondering how we can’t hear of more clashes because someone has gone a little farther to fry an opponent on Twitter. Fans are one thing, but when it comes to a coworker, it’s another story and it has a lot more to do.

Luckily for Jones and other big names in the 90s, they didn’t have to deal with any social media in their day. A man like Charles Berkeley will probably be in regular police custody for hurting someone for what he said about him through social media. After all, Berkeley fought Shakil O’Neill Many years ago. (See Here).

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