Ron is being considered for a management position at the Washington Padres?

Padres is looking for a new manager, and San Diego is again “considering Ron Washington for the job,” reports John Heyman of the MLB Network.Twitter link). San Diego’s latest management investigation came down to a decision between Washington and Joyce Tingler in October 2019, when Padres chose Tingler for the first time before a more experienced five-man bench boss in Washington, who ran the Rangers from 2007-14.

With Tingler now out two seasons later, it seems very natural that the Padres will see Washington’s direction again, although team chairman Peter Sidler recently said that Major-League management experience is not a priority with the next captain. AJ Priler is well acquainted with the biography of Washington, as the Padres president of baseball operations was working in the front office in Texas during Washington’s tenure.

After leading the Rangers to a 664-611 record and two AL penalties, Washington surprised many by resigning in early September 2014, later explaining that he retired from the job after an extramarital affair. Washington returned to baseball as an in-field coach and then a third base coach the following season at A, and worked in Oakland through the 2016 campaign before joining BRAC as the new third base coach. The appointment comes after another man went missing as manager, as Washington was one of the final contenders for the Atlanta job, which went to Brian Schneider.

The 40-year-old Tingler-to-the-year-old will represent a sea change for Padres in Washington, although it could be argued that a drastic change is needed considering the fall of San Diego in the second half of the season. . The clubhouse controversy marked the last weeks of the Padres season, and while it’s not surprising that losing so many games leads to some tough feelings, Tingler’s critics argued that the situation lacked experience to keep track Created the division.

While running the Padres front office during the prelims, his two management hires (Tingler and Andy Green) reflect the growing trend surrounding baseball, which employs older, first-time managers closer to the age of the players. By contrast, Washington would be the third oldest baseball captain to be hired, although it’s worth noting that Tony La Rusa, 2, Dusty Baker, 2, and Sneaker, 5, all lead the postseason team.

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