Rohr ‘Can they coexist ?!’ Matches will go away forever

Bianca Bellaier and Sasha Banks could probably coexist and no matter what.
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WWE has a tedious story claiming to bring a giant squirrel gun to hell. It doesn’t cover the scope of the company’s problems, and probably doesn’t have enough ammunition to take care of the specific part you want. And it may come down to personal preference as to which trap you want to keep forever in the storage room. A matter of taste and all.

For me, and I know for many others, it’s “Can they coexist ?!” The match, which the WWE pulls too often when there is a big PPV match between two wrestlers in the near future.

A Refresher for Anyone Who Needs It: Last night, WWE released a special Sewage Sludge episode Monday night raw (Another Titanic statement, I understand) These included a waste of time. Basically, when WWE makes a mistake in its construction in a PPV match, or at least it seems that way, they will compensate two actors in a tag team match against another tag team, with Michael Cole shouting, “Can they coexist ?!” At least three times throughout the whole episode. Cole doesn’t call Raw, But the three-member team on Monday night must have completed this aspect of the match by the committee. The first examples this past night were Sasha Banks and Bianca Bellaier vs. Charlotte and Becky Lynch (who was Raw, For some reason, as SmackDown Female champion). Three women in Charlotte have a championship match Oil Money Grab ’21 In Saudi Arabia next week. They then put Big E and Drew McIntyre on the same team against Usos (who were Raw, For some reason, as SmackDown Tag Team Champ)) E and McIntyre have a championship match next Thursday Murder is okay with us as long as we get paid PPV.

These two tag matches were a complete mess, the result of which was the Dogsheet non-finishing that WWE has long held in particular, you know, leaving room for the formation and success of a completely different company. Anyone who sat through them was actively fooled when they finished. AThe warriors will end the war with each other.

Because they must, because they will stand against each other for the title in PPV in 10 days. Why on earth would I think if they could throw their hands at each other for five minutes as a tag team that would have no effect on their future? What I am interested in is having a match with them, where they are opponents. How do these wrestlers get together for any given time to make their final match even better? Will they decide to play? Mario Kart Instead of matching? The bigger the opponent, the more blood feuds there can be, the better. So why does the WWE move away from the road so regularly that the rest stop putting them on one side overnight? It’s not like they’ll put these groups together and send them even after the tag title. It’s filler, it’s always been filler, and there is Better way to build PPV. WWE has already spent weeks on Sasha vs. Becky vs. Bianca, and the two of them lined up for one night with a big break button, or perhaps a flashing sign that read, “We’ve run out of ideas for what we can do!” No god makes sense.

Previewing single PPV matches is not the same as using tag matches. New Japan does this all the time. This is a great way to keep two wrestlers together in the ring for a short time without having to take the main course at PPV. But since Vince McMahon doesn’t believe in factions, or he’s never heard of the NJPW, he doesn’t even know there’s a country called Japan, that’s not really WWE’s way. There is no one we can trust who will tag any of these women. Unless they want to run a husband-wife set-up with Bianca and Montage Ford against Becky and Seth Rollins. Which has its own complexities.

Since WWE hates to book a tough ending to any match on TV, we haven’t seen all the combination of these triple threats in a single match, and when we’ve finished them stupid where no one looks good, but in WWE’s mind, No one is feeling bad. So the route to the tag mill is closed to them, unless they realize it.

Even with Big E and McIntyre they were an out for it, as Big E allied with the new day. But they didn’t use them, we’ve got another dumbass non-finish, and no one is more excited than they were before the show for the upcoming Blood Money-Paluza.

If only WWE was the only problem. For the first time, they are running a King of the Ring tournament for the women’s division, called the “Queen’s Crown”. They have had four matches, two Raw And two turned SmackDown. And in total, four matches have just crossed 10 minutes. How you can probably establish a new star or reconstruct a character with a 90 second ring time is a true mystery, and it feels like WWE just threw it together to check a box. Perhaps its biggest advantage over AEW is the depth and standard use of its female division, and they shut it down completely last week.

WWE’s North Late AWE’s answers are very WWE. They are swollen SmackDown Two and a half hours from Friday, which goes against the packed nature that everyone likes now. Raw It feels like an empty rubbish where wrestlers wander in search of fuel and water, running from the living and the dead, because it’s three hours. Why double it? Rumor has it they may be Expand SmackDown Up to three hours Too much, which would make it a headache with AEW Violence Every week. They’ve already completely frozen their women’s section, and they’ve picked four of the best wrestlers in the world – Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Bianca Bellaier – and dumped them in their normal, sterile funhouse that ‘even has a weird mirror. The way you stunt a rival company’s momentum isn’t right, even when you’re claiming that you’re not taking care of them, which makes your show more suspicious to compete directly with you.

So while claiming that they are not crazy or even aware of AEW, they have become so bored with their inflated products that they have gone deeper into the well that was open to trying something new. Doesn’t work that way. This doesn’t work either.

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