Roger Goodell is the NFL’s fixer, not its ‘commissioner’

When things get bad for the NFL, it's Roger Goodell's job to get on the podium and lie.

When things get bad for the NFL, it’s Roger Goodell’s job to get on the podium and lie.
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Ray Donovan. Olivia Pope. Roger Goodell.

What do these NFL commissioners have in common with these fictional TV characters? They are all fixers. Well paid people who make a great living cleaning the mess of their employers.

On Tuesday, the man said Those earn about $ 40 million per year And acting as the hand of the 32 owners of the league he got on stage to do what he did best – lie.

Phoebe No. 1:

“I think he’s been held accountable,” Goodell said of Washington owner Daniel Snyder. “More importantly, steps were taken to ensure it did not happen again.”

So, we must believe that Snyder – who for years refused to change the racist name of his party and allowed sexual harassment of female staff members, media members and cheerleaders – knows how long he has been “held accountable”. All because he got hurt with one 10 million fine And let his wife run the team for a few months?

Roger, stop.

Phoebe No. 2:

Goodell then told the world that the results of the Washington football team’s investigation – which led to John Gruden’s dismissal emails – would not be made public.


Because he knows there are smoking guns out there. So, to cover it up, Goodell claims that those who spoke asked not to be named – even though their lawyer said otherwise on social media.

“We’re very careful to make sure we’re protecting those who came forward.” Goodell says At the owner’s meeting on Tuesday. “It was a very high priority.”

Phoebe No. 3:

Goodell wants people to believe that the most powerful sports league on the planet does not have enough information to decide on 22 civil cases against Desun Watson and him.

“Of course, the police are investigating, and we don’t have access to that information at the moment.” Goodell says. “We are proud to be cooperating as much as possible to avoid interfering and to get all the information. I think that process is still going on. ”

This is the same league where he was once a US senator Spygate is trying to open a federal investigation, But still, is Goodell trying to sell us the idea that the NFL isn’t strong enough to get a few picks in the files from Houston police?

It is disrespectful how foolish Goodell NFL fans believe. But, it’s not that he doesn’t have a good reason The rating of the league is getting predominant.

Labeling Goodell as a liar is nothing new or corrupt, because it comes with territory. However, Goodell does it in a way that has just shocked us, because he has mastered his craft.

I know. I saw him do it.

In 2018, I was Press conference for the owner’s meeting in Atlanta When he unveiled the league’s short-lived music policy that gives players the option to stay in the locker room or fine their team if they kneel down or first protest peacefully against police brutality.

“We want people to respect the national anthem,” Goodell said at the time. “We want people to stand up … and make sure they use this moment in a dignified fashion.

“If anyone is on the field and disrespects the music or the flag, the team will be fined by the league.”

Goodell forgot to mention that The military paid millions to the League for “patriotic work.” Like standing up for a song.

In 2019, I was there when Goodell held his annual Super Bowl press conference where he lied about the successes and failures of Rooney Rules and Colin Copernicus.

“I think if a team decides that if Colin Kepernick or any other player can help that team win, that’s what they will do.” He said in January of that year.

In August, the NFL announced a deal with the Rock Nation. On the same day, J-Z infamously said, “I think we’re on our knees

In December, Goodell said, “We are moving forwardFrom Kepernic after throwing the league The trick of a “workout” For him.

Eight months later, Goodell apologized.

“I hope we’ve heard before, Cap, what you were kneeling about and what you’re trying to focus on,” He said.

You see, whenever the owners want something to go away, they send their highly compensated whipped boy to a stage to lie to them. That’s why it was so confusing four years ago when Jerry Jones was trying to remove Goodell, and even Threatened to sue the league During the extension of Goodell’s contract, he felt that they were paying him too much and in the end giving him too much power.

Some scandals later, and that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore because Jones is very happy with his servant.

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