Roberto Luongo’s deal brings Canucks to Peterson, Hughes talks

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Although I love the image of Roberto Lungo wearing the rafters at Rogers Arena, probably hanging over half of his face (and Lungo himself may actually be tempted to do this with the goofball) it’s not so easy. This is not entirely the fault of Lungo or Canax, as the cap-recapture penalty is one of the stupidest things the NHL has ever established and it is not clear what the players at the 2013 CBA got to accept it. Because through that process, more chickens are returning home, meaning the two young players are still without a contract, when they kicked everyone in the ass during their first contract.

The Canucks training camp opens tomorrow, and still their two best players, Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes, will not be there. Both are free agents after their entry-level contracts expired last season. Both are among the best young players in the league in their respective positions. And it could be a while before anyone on the team returns, as Canucks ’space is only 6 10.6 million. It’s not enough to give both Peterson and Hughes what they deserve because the market is gone.

Part of the problem is that Luongo’s $ 3 million cap-capture penalty is still sitting on some lazy but restless hippo-like Canucks pay-rolls. Lungo’s huge contract was signed 11 (!) Years ago and he did business in Florida about seven years ago. But since it was signed into two CBAs, under a different rule, its cap-number-reduction strategies are still being punished. If the Canucks were under ্যাপ 14 million under the cap, because they would be without this stupid and punitive advice from the CBA, it might be enough to get them both to the camp of young stars. At least if they make a bridge deal.

There are other factors, of course. When GM Jim Benning is leading the ship, you will never need a forensic team to figure out how it turned upside down in the parking lot. The Canucks have pulled a huge deal this summer, in terms of money, with the Arizona Quets on the ice and on the cap to remove their huge weight in the form of Louis Erickson, Antoine Roussel and Jay Beagle. This trade has made the net Vancouver Connor Garland, perhaps one of the only useful players in the Coyotes. But it only saved a few million of them to take Oliver Ekman-Larson with Garland. OIL has not fared well in three years, and will suck up $ 7.6 million per season until the heat of the earth dies.

The combined স্প 9 million splashing of Benner’s Tyler Myers and Travis Harmonic, who can fill most doors together and nothing else, isn’t helping matters much. And in a flat-cap world, no one is coming to save them in that deal. The Canucks are doing this on their own a fair bit.

With the exception of Hughes and Peterson, there is a lack of any real top-line forwards other than the Canucks Brock Bozer or any other real top-pair defender. With them, due to the ridiculously weak position of the Pacific Division, they are almost certainly a lock for the playoffs (if the Golden Knights could push them to 115 points this year).

It’s harder to figure out exactly how much everyone should get, and the Canucks are forced to play hardball because of their cap situation and the limited conditions of both players. And thanks to the Blackhawks suffering from a kind of brain bubble and throwing all the money in the world to Seth Jones for 9 9.5 million a year, the market for defenders has become completely paralyzed. Hughes has no doubt been better than Jones in the last two seasons. Rasmussen Dahlin only signed with the Sabers for $ 6 million a year as a limited free agent, and Hughes’ agent could easily claim that he was better than Dahlin.

Peterson is ranked 31st out of all forwards in the last three seasons with 0.93 points per game, slotting him with names like Tussauds, Backstrom, Landeskog, O’Reilly and Goudreau, all of whom earn 7 7 million or more. Kirill Kaprizov re-signed in Minnesota for just ড 9 million a year, and Peterson could easily have made the point that his two-and-a-half-year (last year he only played 26 matches due to injury) asons were the equivalent of Kirill the Thrill. Produced in just 56 matches. Clearly, 10 million is not enough for both.

There are some misfortunes, and some misleading decisions that have kept Peterson and Hughes away from the Canucks camp. But if we keep the metaphor from the introduction, below or above, is Luongo. This is the last year of the reinstatement penalty, and then Canax will be freed from the aura of Lungo that has followed them everywhere in the last decade, even when he was not on the team. But can they ever be free? Given the history of the Canucks and the complexities of the persecution of their fans, this would not seem to be the case.

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