Robert Darst has Covid-119 and he is on a ventilator

Robert Durst, the real estate heir who was sentenced to life in prison for the murder on Thursday, is very ill with Covid-1 and is on a ventilator, his lawyer told Halfpost on Saturday.

“I am just worried about his condition in court on Thursday. He was having difficulty breathing and speaking and was very weak, “Attorney Dick Digurin wrote in an email, adding that he was being tested for the disease as a precaution.

Darst, 78, got down in his wheelchair and seemed uncomfortable communicating in the courtroom, speaking in a hoarse voice. In September, his friend Susan Berman was convicted of murder in 2000 by hanging.

Prosecutors allege that Darst feared Burman would release information about the mysterious disappearance of his first wife, Kathleen McCormack, in 1982, who is presumed dead.

Although he was once the heir to the Dorst family’s New York real estate business – the family owns one of Manhattan’s most prestigious properties – Durst’s volatile personality proved inappropriate. His younger brother Douglas Durst took over the business instead.

“I am just worried about his condition in court on Thursday. He was having difficulty breathing and speaking, and he was very weak, “Attorney Dick Digurin told Halfpost.

An HBO documentary about Darst in 2015, “The Xenox” helped draw attention to the bizarre situation in his life and family history.

After moving to Texas in 2002 and living in disguise, Durst is on trial for a separate murder. Darst eventually confessed to tearing his neighbor Maurice Black to pieces and throwing his body parts into a waterway. According to Darst, he was trying to defend himself when Black’s gun went off and killed him.

He was acquitted of murder, serving only one year in prison for bail.

Durst is currently facing a re-examination of his dubious role in McCormack’s death; A New York prosecutor has reportedly sought to indict him.

This week, family members in Burmese’s Durst requested that the Los Angeles judge disclose what he knew about the location of McCormack’s body shortly before his sentencing.

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