Rising R&B star Jawan unites ’cause and effect’ with big projects on the horizon

A few years ago, while recovering from a vocal injury, Jawan There was a bend. He was studying classical music and musical theater in Mississippi but had no passion for them.

“At the time, I never wanted to sing another note to a song I wasn’t connected to.”
The jawan remembered to swear to himself. “Classical and musical theater was not where my heart was. It was with R&B.

Jawan’s vocal cords have been beautifully restored, and now R&B fans are looking forward to seeing more.

In 2014, Jawan and his mother drove 18 hours straight from their hometown of Columbus, Mississippi, to New York City because of the truth of his words and attitude.

“I had to go where I thought it was a land of opportunity. And that’s where it all started, “said the budding singer / songwriter.

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In August, the Jawans dropped a strong ballad “cause and effect” about a failed relationship in the “toxic loop”.

This is the third offer he has released as part of a five-track EP called “The Abstract” which falls in November. He had earlier released “Assurance” and “Call Me” for this project.

Jawan shuffled his thoughts and feelings into his songwriting and his style of conveying the message.

“I’m not drawing sound from thin air. It’s something I’ve actually cut, and I use my music as a way to process those things, ”he said,“ it’s very therapeutic. “

A relationship that spreads into “a great situation” inspires “cause and effect”. Again there was a lot, again there was closure which was sometimes traumatic.

“So we were good, and then we weren’t good and then good again. It seemed like, at what point could we get on this ride?” He recalled.

The reason was the behavior that triggered the decision-making effect that was enough and that it was finally time to give it up. “And I knew it would hurt. But, you know, it’s cause and effect. You hate to see it, but you know, it’s like that,” Jawan explained.

Jawan and his team are busy assembling the pieces for a full-length project, scheduled for release in early 2022.

“It runs like a dream sequence, very wonderful with dreamy elements,” he described the feeling of the music.

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How it started

Her passion for R&B was in the back seat of her grandmother’s car since childhood. His radio was always on the local R&B station as they roamed their small town.

He later joined the Mississippi School of the Arts, a boarding school for artist-gifted students, where he trained for two years in classical and musical theater.

When he reached that crossroads to make decisions about his future music career, his heart was not following.

While pursuing his dream in New York, he landed in internships and several jobs in the music industry, working primarily behind the scenes.

Jawan now holds a job in social media marketing at BET but keeps his two worlds separate.

“Before I worked at BET for two years no one knew I had a music career,” he revealed. “So when it comes to balancing between the two, I take off one hat and put the other after.”

He can’t be stopped while wearing his music art hat. With the release of “Cause and Effect”, there is another small taste of something bigger than Javan’s growing fanbase.

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