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It is well known that the population of the United States is behind an unusually high prison. Less frequently acknowledged that conditions in American prisons and jails are often barbaric, prisoners are punished outside the severity of their official sentences. The crisis on Rickers Island in New York City is forcing the issue to be brought to public attention, but disaster relief there is only the beginning of the necessary reforms.

Emily Gallagher, a member of the New York State Assembly Tweeted After a September 14 city prison trip. “Most toilets are broken so men are given plastic bags so they can relax.”

The return of the complaint about the terms of the detention facility is that the detainees are criminals and therefore deserve their brutal treatment. But Rickers Island is one Jail Complex – there are most of those who are there Waiting for the trial, And wait, and wait.

“[Otis Bantum Correctional Center] Where people are processed and waiting for a hearing. People are supposed to be inside and out in 24 hours, ”Gallagher said Added. “I’ve met people who have been there for months. No contact with family. Overflowing crowds. No air conditioning.”

That center is not even some heritage museum of ancient value. “The New York City Department of Correction Proudly. Nevertheless, the situation is so bad that the guards do not want to be there – many Calling sick And keeping the opportunity-facilities low.

Overall, “a wide range of chaos and chaos in facilities is worrying,” a federal monitor Mentioned earlier this year.

Not that any of this is a manifestation. New York City has been planning to close Rickers for several years, however Proposal to replace benefits Small and large prisons are scattered throughout – until recent violent outbreaks lead to new revelations that compel the problem. As the Rykers ’terms become headlines, Mayor Bill de Blasio has late admitted that those awaiting their days in court must finally get justice. His office last week Announced Of the 5,000 people in pre-trial on Rickers Island, 500 court cases will be immediately caled, of which 1,500 have been held for more than a year.

Not to be outdone, Kathy Hochul, governor of New York Announced 191 Immediate release of Rikers prisoners, and transfer of others to state-run facilities.

“New York State has more people in prison for parole violations than anywhere else in the country,” he said at the time of signing the agreement. Bill Reform of practice. “It’s a shame for us and it needs to be fixed.”

It’s better and better, taking these steps leads to long-term reform and the benefits of those new methods and replacements improve what happened before. We’ll see. There is also a problem that the Rykers may have occupied the island title, but the same situation exists elsewhere.

“Prisoner-on-prisoner killings and sexual abuse are common,” the U.S. Department of Justice said Be careful The state of the Alabama prison in 2019. “Prisoners who are seriously injured or stabbed must go somewhere else to the security personnel or knock on the door of the dormitory to attract the attention of the correctional officers. The detainees are unaware of the security personnel.”

Last year, a Follow-up report Alabama prison guards are subjected to “excessive use of force” – including physical abuse such as the use of sticks, chemical sprays and kicking – often causing serious injuries and sometimes death.

“Across Chicago and surrounding counties, more than a thousand inmates are being held as they wait to be transferred to state prisons due to the ongoing battle between state and local law enforcement agencies over the Covid-1 safety protection protocol.” Chicago Sun-Times Available in June. Across Illinois, this has led to “dangerous overflowing crowds and fights in those prisons.”

“Over the past decade or so, Arizona’s prisons have become synonymous with mismanagement, insecurity, unconstitutional health care, and poor conditions for people in custody.” Arizona State Law Review Articles Published in January.

“Today, America’s prisons and prisons are in crisis.” Report The Equal Justice Initiative, which works to improve the conditions of prisoners. “Prisoners are beaten, stabbed, raped and killed in facilities run by corrupt officials who abuse their power with impunity. Those in need of medical care are treated for disability, mental health and addiction treatment and suicide prevention. No, they are ignored, punished and put in solitary confinement. “

Part of the problem is the overcrowding in American prisons and jails. Despite some progress towards Reducing the number of people behind bars, There is still one in the country Sky-high prison rates Compared to most countries and of course compared to other liberal democracies. (Nominally, this is the highest in the world, but data released by the government of flag-bearing prisons like China and Cuba should be taken with a large grain of salt.)

Another serious concern is that many people feel limited sympathy for those behind bars. Excluding the important issues of detention for those who have not yet been convicted of the crime, and which acts should even be punishable by the state, it creates a situation where formal punishments fall into informal punishments including mob, poor sanitation, beatings. And rape. The actual conditions of the prison are open-ended and determined by the guards and other inmates.

It is not a criminal justice system; It is neglect and torture.

The situation on Rickers Island is dire enough, again, to attract the attention of the public. This creates an opportunity to improve conditions in a prison complex that has long been known as a norhole. If we are smart, we will remember that the problem does not stop there, nor should it be reformed.

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