Richard Sherman explains his relationship with Buccaneers Tom Brady, who hired him in Tampa Bay

Richard Sherman is no longer a freelance broker. The veteran cornerback announced on Wednesday that he would sign with the Buccaneers to help the team win its second consecutive Super Bowl title.

And Tom Brady’s presence in Tampa Bay played no small role in Sherman’s decision to join the team.

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Brady hired Sherman to join the Buccaneers, as Sherman explained in the PFF’s “Richard Sherman Podcast.”

Sherman said of playing with Brady, “We both thought it would be great if we had the chance to play together.” But he raised his hand. [the Bucs] Can express interest and obviously, he wants to play with me. Then they reached the front office. The conversation started a few weeks ago when they lost their starter [Sean] Murphy-bunting, and then it’s kind of steamy. “

Sherman noted that there was a “slight setback” when discussing the terms with the Buccaneers. He also listened to the pitches of other NFC teams, including the 49ers, Seahawks and Panthers, when deciding where to play next.

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But in the end, Sherman’s relationship with Brady went hand in hand with the construction of the Books ‘roster and Todd Bowles’ defensive scheme going to Tampa Bay.

And Sherman wanted to make it clear that he had a good relationship with Brady.

“He’s a great guy, you know, very enthusiastic,” Sherman said of Brady.

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Of course, fans will remember Sherman’s beef with Brady from the beginning of their careers. Sherman claimed that Brady was trashing him during the 2012 Patriots-Seahawks game and later helped seal the one-point Seahawks victory by trapping Brady. Sherman later tweeted a photo of himself meeting Brady after the game with the caption, “Are you crazy brother?”

But Sherman ignored the incident when announcing his intention to join the books.

“We had history, but what happens on the field stays on the field,” Sherman said. “And off the field, I think we have a very strong relationship.”

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