RIA Tech Suite is being launched

RIA Tech Suite integrates complementary technology platforms to help automate back-office critical tasks for advisors.

Box: Right Capital and Wealthbox, along with RIA, are excited to introduce improvements for advisers. RIA Tech Suite: A set of services and tools that can help advisors automate and streamline back-office tasks.

Why would companies use RIA tech suites?

Together, these intuitive and complementary technology tools can simplify day-to-day practice management, giving you more time to acquire new business and provide a better experience for your existing clients.

In addition, the RIA Tech suite includes discounted prices for two or more service-receiving companies – a discount that could save the average RIA firm up to $ 3,100 in their first year.3

Here are the tools available at RIA Tech Suite:

  • Improvements for advisors -A leading digital-first asset management platform that uses smart-tax technology.
  • RIA in a box6 – Consent for investment advisors, cyber security and operational software.
  • Right capital – Resource planning software that makes planning easier and more powerful for advisors and their clients.
  • Wealthbox – A leading CRM software application that helps advisors manage their clients and collaborate with their team.

The RIA tech suite could drive growth for technology-centric companies that focus on efficient client service and expanding their business books.

“Our goal in improving for advisors is to empower advisors to grow their business and build deeper client relationships,” writes John Mauni, general manager of Betterment for Advisors. “The four companies that partner RIA Tech Suite all share this objective with a common approach to their services: beautifully designed, easy to use, and providing powerful tools for consultants and their clients.”

The RIA Tech Suite is now available to all registered investment advisors. You can learn more and sign up for this offer by visiting

Improvement for Advisors is a member of the alliance with three other platforms known as RIA Tech Suite: Rhea in a Box, RightCapital and Wealthbox. Four companies are offering advisors who become new clients of two or more members of the RIA Tech Suite, discounting the services provided by such participating companies. Improvements and the aforementioned firms are not under general ownership or any other related entity and no compensation has been exchanged between RIA Tech Suite members for the purpose of joining this alliance. Terms are subject to change. This offer is for investment professionals only and is not intended to be used by individual investors.
33100 USD is an estimate of the maximum amount saved on the annual cost of the combined subscription fee across the four services. The calculation estimates the average of the weighted monthly rates offered across the four services, including onboarding fees and then a 15% discount from each. The 15% discount rate per company is activated after joining at least two companies. The actual dollar amount may vary.
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