‘RHOP’: Candiace Dillard Bassett and Mia Thornton continue to pull the couple’s journey

Tensions are rising The real housewives of Potomac They Candiace Dillard Bassett And Mia Thornton.

During an explosive fight in the episode on Sunday (October 2), the two end up throwing food at each other in the evening. There has been a dramatic feud between both Bassett and Thornton over the past few weeks People.

The actors were at Chesapeake Bay vacation home Wendy Osefo And her husband Eddie, Mine And her husband Gordon, Candiace and her husband Chris, Askal Davis And her husband Dray, Everyone present.

Karen Huger And Ashley Derby Will come later in the evening.

The night starts with Mia’s husband Gordon, drinking a little too much and at one point he tells his wife to “f *** off”. Which resulted in other women removing themselves from the situation to discuss what happened.

“If it’s said in front of us, what’s said behind closed doors?” Wendy said in front of the camera, before joining Candias and Askel Davis, who had just arrived with her husband.

“She is OK. I can see it going to the left, ”said Candias.

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“MHM, and I don’t want it to go left, I want us all to have a good time,” Wendy replied, to which Candias replied, “Talk to your friend Mia, ask him to give her some water.”

Fast forward to the night, the team decided to discuss Candias and Mia’s previous fight where Mia called Candias’ music video “low budget”. Candiace applauded with “Your mom’s low budget.”

This comment hurt and burdened Mia, who had previously opened her mouth on the show about caring for a pastor as a child and a tug-of-war with her mother. This information was unknown to Candias.

Although the women did not talk about Mia’s relationship with her mother, Mia addressed her comments about Candias’ video.

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“Take it as constructive criticism – it’s business.”

“It’s not a meeting, it’s not a business retreat,” Askal said. “We are friends to have a good time. Why should everything be for business? ”

The drama continues to heat up after Mia calls from a friend and makes a comment on the phone that “my beautiful bomb, smart rich friend can understand me, these are not broken ******” He was referring to Candiace, Askale and Wendy.

“Yeah, your mom has a broken B ****” Candiace yells back, calling Mia a “nightwalker.”

As the night wore on, things really got out of hand when Candias threw a piece of lettuce at Mia, and Mia’s husband told Gordon, “Feed her, she’s hungry.”

“You have to grow up,” Mia said. “You started with me and you have to learn how to finish.”

Candias finally commented again about Mia’s mother, “Your mom’s low budget, cry about it in your room.

Saying later, “F **** you, Mia.”

Mia quickly responded with the same “F *** you”, and a plateful of salad on her face.

Candias soon threw another plate of food at Mia.

Looks like the drama has taken a turn for the worse but we just have to wait and see what happens in the next episode.

The real housewives of Potomac Broadcast on Evo Sunday night in Bravo.

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