Retiring in 5 years starting with “We can’t retire”

A Rock-solid financial position Consists of a few things: Budget, Expenditure tracking, Living below your means, And Make extra income. Once they’re done, you’re on track to start investing heavily and Financial freedom In sight. This is the exact location Linse (Mindy’s pool boy’s mother) is inside.

Linsey and her husband bring a moderate salary from her job and Her jewelry making business, Relationship advice, And them Garage and basement Hack the house. For a long time, Linsey assumed that he would never retire, but as his income increased, he realized that he could not just retire. Retire early.

Linsey had a few key ways Increase the income of his business: Outsourcing, Marketing and Scaling. Her husband also has a strong suspicion that she is underpaid, meaning an increase in income may be asked for her. The couple also wants Invest more Short term rent Or Buy another home hack property. But, which of the options they have been presented with will push the needle?

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In this episode we cover

  • Create a “hype folder” so you can Painlessly Ask to increase
  • Shopping sales and Feeding a family of five for 700 700 per month
  • Creative House hacking By renting basements, garages and other accommodation
  • Using a Self-directed 401 (k) To invest in real estate And increase leisure savings
  • With what a Huge amount of cash When are you waiting for an investment?
  • Outsourcing is repetitive work So that you can scale your business
  • And So Too much!

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