Republicans were on the sidelines while Trump defended the Capitol riots

Elected Republicans will not oppose the lies of Donald Trump’s election fraud, although the former president used them to cover the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riots.

Trump last week called the 2020 election a “real uprising” and described the capitalist attack as a “day to protest the results of a bogus election.”

A few days later, Sen. Chak Chakli (R-Iowa), who recently announced that he was running for his eighth term in the Senate, joined Trump at Saturday’s rally in Des Moines.

In February, Grassley called the Capitol attack “completely unforgivable” and blamed Trump. But it seems he has moved on.

“Anyone with an 11% Republican approval rating in Iowa, you certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to refuse that help,” Grassley told Fox News.

Other Republicans have shown that they will stay with Trump even if they make Trump’s remarks about the riots more shameless.

Republican Steve Scalise (R-La.), A second-ranked Republican in the House of Representatives, declined to comment on “Fox News Sunday” whether the election was rigged. Instead of answering the question, Scalise claims that states “do not stately follow the laws they have passed that conduct presidential elections.”

The “independent state legislature doctrine” is a more respectable, legal way that some Republicans claim the election was rigged without the use of the words “theft,” “fraud,” or “fraud.” It is a highly dubious constitutional theory that allows Republicans to question the legitimacy of the results without revealing a wild conspiracy theory.

As Grassley said, Republicans want to use Trump to excite their voters. They have no idea how to oppose the lies of his electoral fraud or repeat themselves, so instead, they talk about state law or change the subject completely.

When Halfpost pressured Republican Chip Roy (R-Texas) that he believed the election had been stolen, he began shouting about corpses in Texas.

Why don’t you pay attention to the fact that there are 98 bodies in Brooks County, Texas, Roy said, citing a number of immigrants who died this year trying to cross a portion of the U.S. border with Mexico. .

President Joe Biden, Roy said, “People in my state are being forced to deal with dead immigrants on their farms, and you shouldn’t be naughty about it at all, because you’ve got the city in its folly.”

Meanwhile, the former president released another statement on Wednesday accusing him of rigging the 2020 election and attacking the work of the bipartisan congressional committee investigating the Capital riots, an attempt to overturn the 2020 election that Trump persuaded his supporters to lie about fraud.

Trump said, “You can’t study January or January without studying the cause of November.” “If we had an honest media, this election would have been canceled many months ago, but our media is as corrupt as our political system!”

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