Republicans in Congress panic 1/6 Committee investigates Bannon for plotting the attack

1/6 Committee Steve Bannon is looking forward to a Jan. 5 meeting with Republican members of Congress.

The 1/6 Committee seeks information about Ban’s meeting with Republicans in Congress on 1/5.

According to page 12, the 1/6 Committee report recommended Bannon for criminal contempt:

Mr. Mr. Bannon and Mr. Out of touch with Trump,
Selection Committee Mr. Wants documents and testimony from Bannon
Related to his own work and conversations with other private citizens related to the January 6 incident.

For example, Mr. Bannon’s request for documents on a number of other issues, including a summons, includes: his presence, purpose, statement and activities at a meeting with members of Congress at the Willard Hotel, 2021, or attendance, purpose, statement, or that meeting. Attendance is the activity of others.

Why were Republicans in a congressional meeting with Bannon before the Capitol attack?

Sidney Powell has claimed that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Minority Whip Steve Scalise were directly involved in the plot to overthrow the 2020 election.

If the attack was spontaneous and unpredictable, as Republicans in Congress claimed, why were they meeting with Steve Bannon the day before the Capitol attack?

This is a fundamental question that the committee is looking for answers to, and this is why Republicans in Congress are so afraid of the investigation.

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