Republican doctor commits sabotage with blank Covid discount forms signed

A Connecticut physician has surrendered his medical license following an investigation that he was giving a signed blank vaccine waiver form to someone who sent him a signed stamp envelope.

Through Business Insider:

An anonymous tip from the Connecticut Medical Examining Board requested an investigation against retired physician Sue McIntosh.

The investigation said he had been providing “fraudulent vaccine waiver forms through mail related to the Covid-1 vaccine, general vaccine, Covid testing and medical disputes over wearing a face mask.” Patients, when they received these forms, simply had to fill in their name and date and then a masking waiver was selected, the record shows.


A supplementary document provided by the state Department of Health states that Macintosh instructed patients to “copy and distribute as many forms as they wished.”

Macintosh knew he would be caught. He encouraged people to distribute fake and blank forms.

Frauding the system and helping people endanger public health is not protecting freedom. People do not have the freedom to get infected and to infect others.

Epidemics are still a problem in the United States because of such sabotage. As he politicized the issue of the Trump mask, he prepared the nation for sickness, death, and failure.

As long as Republicans deliberately continue to degrade public health, America will not be able to defeat Covid.

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