Report: Trump’s top aides will reject the House Select Committee’s Jan. 6 subpena

Supporters of former President Donald Trump are ready to deny subpoena for documents and evidence demanded by the House Select Committee investigating the January Capital riots.

The Guardian, citing a single source familiar with the matter, said each of the four associates – former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadow, former adviser Steve Bannon, former communications officer Dan Scavino and former defense official Kash Patel – planned to resist the order.

The report indicates that everyone will reject the subpena at Trump’s direction and “identify the first major investigation hurdle faced by the select committee.”

The Democrat-led panel issued the subpenas in late September because four top allies were “working or communicating with the White House or in the days of the January uprising.”

Committee member Adam Schiff (D-CA) has previously warned that Trump’s allies who do not comply with the subpentana will be guilty of “criminal contempt.”

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Trump aides may deny Capitol Committee subpoena

The Guardian report indicates that under Trump’s direction, former presidential aides will deny subpena on executive privilege grounds.

“Trump and his legal team are increasingly concerned about the far-reaching nature of the January 6 investigation.

Trump hinted in a statement when subpenas were issued that he would take such action.

“We will fight executive privileges and subpenters on other grounds for the good of our country,” Trump wrote.

Meanwhile, he added, “We are waiting to see if Antifa and the BLM will be sent to kill and destroy our Democrat-run cities across America.”

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Fight against the committee

A report released Wednesday indicates that Dan Scavino, one of Trump’s top aides, is not cooperating with the select committee investigating the Capitol riots.

More than a week after President Trump’s former aide Dan Scavino was summoned to assist in the investigation into the January riots in the U.S. capital, the House Select Committee has not been able to physically summon him, CNN reported.

Liz Cheney, a representative of one of the committee’s two “never-Trump” Republicans, said she was personally encouraged by colleagues to continue attacking President Trump and his supporters.

“Yes,” when Cheney asked if GOP members supported ‘whispers’ in his ear.

He claimed that “many” GOP lawmakers were encouraging him “both in the House and in the Senate.”

In July, Cheney expressed optimism that Trump himself would be forced to testify.

“Every phone call, every meeting, inside and outside the White House, because of the attacks on the Capitol building, they deserve to know about every discussion that day at the White House,” he said.

Many on the right think the committee is there to show everything.

A Reuters report in August indicated that the FBI found little evidence that the Capitol riots were a coordinated attack by pro-Trump mobs.

“The FBI has received little evidence that the January 6 attack on the U.S. capital was the result of an organized conspiracy to overturn the results of the presidential election,” Reuters wrote.

Just last week, the political insider hinted that an informant had planted VB in the January Capital riots covered.

According to confidential records obtained by the New York Times, FBI informants asserted that the incidents “occurred spontaneously as part of a mob consumed by the sail mentality rather than carrying out any kind of premeditated attack.”

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