Report: Haitian migrants hijack multiple buses in an attempt to escape

Multiple reports indicate that Haitian migrants have been ‘hijacked’ to reach their ‘processing centers’ or deportation flights.

The Washington Examiner quoted a senior federal law enforcement official who said the migrants were able to temporarily defeat the drivers and escape.

“They basically empowered the drivers and they actually hijacked a few buses and took them away from the road a bit and fled,” the source said.

“It happened more than once,” they added.

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Haitian immigrants hijack buses

The same official explained that detainees are not tied up in any way when getting on the bus, making it relatively easy to take drastic action if they make a decision.

“They are removing the prisoners, but they are not tied up – they are not restrained in any way. Yesterday some prisoners kicked through the windows and 22 escaped, ”they explained.

The San Antonio Express-News reported on Monday an incident involving two buses যার in which three immigrants were involved in a “commotion” and then fled, and a second where they “grabbed the bus and fled.”

“They jumped off the bus, and they fled,” a second official told the Washington Examiner.

“When they learned they were being sent back to Haiti, they picked up the bus and fled,” Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, told Fox News.

The situation was quickly under control, according to law enforcement.

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Attack on the pilots

In another incident, Haitian migrants beat up U.S. pilots and injured multiple ICE officers when their flight landed in Port-au-Prince.

“Those men beat up the pilots of the plane, who work for a government contractor who is licensed to operate deportation flights for immigration and customs enforcement, while the families were still on board,” NBC News reported.

“Three ICE officers also attacked the plane, each with fatal injuries.”

A separate Washington Examiner’s report described the bite as a possible cause of the injury.

The examiner wrote, “Federal Assault charges will be brought against two Haitian immigrants after they were crushed by federal law enforcement officers on a deportation flight while the plane was texting on the runway.”

An official further noted that the migrants currently being transported are not even considered troublemakers.

“Now they’re going to start high-risk escorts,” they said.

Political Insider reported Wednesday that not all of the Hydeyan immigrants are being deported because the Biden administration has tried to persuade the American people.

Multiple officials with direct knowledge of the operation have indicated that illegal immigrants are being released into the United States, with one describing it as “very, very large.”

Earlier this week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott requested that the Biden administration declare a federal state of emergency due to the humanitarian crisis currently raging in his state’s border county.

Like their handling of troop withdrawals in Afghanistan, the White House seems overwhelmed and incompetent in dealing with the crisis on the border.

This is tragic for immigrants and the American people.

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