Report: Biden Administration Secretly Flying Illegal Immigrants Dead Of Night In NY

The New York Post reports that the Biden administration is secretly flying underage illegal immigrants from Texas to New York (NY) in an effort to rehabilitate them in the region.

The magazine cites a combination of personal observations and sources familiar with the matter who claim the flight has been operated since August.

The report indicated that two planes landed at Westchester County Airport last week, mostly carrying “companion minors”, a handful of whom were minors in their 20s.

In addition, a post-analysis of online flight-tracking data revealed that “about 2,000 migrants arrested after entering the United States from Mexico arrived at the airport outside the White Plains on 21 flights from 8 August.”

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Secretly immigrate to NY?

The Post reports that the Biden administration is not properly advertising the operation to rehabilitate underage immigrants in NY.

The words ‘secret’ and ‘privacy’ call the column pepper because they describe the landing of two planes in Westchester County late at night.

From there, the report claims it is an operation wrapped in extra privacy, with voluntary curfews and buses transporting parts of the highway “restricted to commercial vehicles” within hours.

“The secrecy of the operation raises questions about how the White House is dealing with the growth of unaccompanied minors,” they wrote.

In an op-ed column addressing the story, the New York Post’s editorial board accused President Biden of “playing a deadly game by using secret flights to evacuate immigrants.”

“They don’t want voters to know exactly how many people are flocking to the country, because President Biden understands that open borders may be a progressive policy, but it’s not popular with most Americans,” the board explained.

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Spreading the crisis

Former Westchester County executive Rob Astorino and the Republican candidate for governor say he learned about the secret flight from concerned citizens.

He claims that small flights of the same nature actually started in April.

“No one explained where they were going and who they were,” Astorino said.

“The Biden administration is deliberately spreading the southern border crisis to communities across the country, often shrouded in secrecy and darkness.”

The White House on Monday suggested that the migrants being transported are children and adolescents who want to be reunited with their parents or guardians.

The post says, “It is our legal responsibility to look after unaccompanied children safely, unless they can quickly reunite with a parent or tested sponsor.”

However, the outlet reported that a bus transporting the migrants was tracked which was allegedly stopped at a service area where people were then evacuated by car.

It happened, they wrote, “that the officers supervising the operation did not seem to have to identify anyone.”

Senator Lindsay Graham suggested over the weekend that President Biden should be impeached to address the border crisis.

“Joe Biden is criminally neglected. His administration is criminally negligent in controlling our borders, ”Graham said.

“He should be indicted in this case,” he added. “It’s a negligence of duty and if we don’t change our policies quickly, a bunch of Americans will be killed.”

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