Religious leaders agree there is no religious exemption for the Covid-1V vaccine

Irresponsible and selfish Americans are holding on to straw to avoid any order to vaccinate against the deadly Kovid-1 virus. And as is usually the case in America, selfish communities rely on religion to save them.

Before the epidemic there was a teen-foil group of Americans who refused to vaccinate their children without any explanation or medical basis, unless they were affected by a former playboy rabbit and something ridiculous about autism. Now, that small “anti-waxer” community has grown rapidly thanks to false claims of personal freedom to comply with Trumpism and endanger the public.

Before the Federal Drug Administration “officially” approved the Covid-1 vaccine, it was curiously “fair” to claim the vaccine was suspicious because FDA approval was for emergency use.

While this was a false reason for the spread of the deadly virus, it could be argued that these anti-science Americans were justified in being irresponsible because they were among the lunatics in the White House who opposed science. Now, however, that is not the case. Resistance has left the cult to find other ways to increase the number of Americans hospitalized or killed.

It came as no surprise that the vaccine-resistant cult quickly discovered religion as a legitimate excuse to endanger their fellow Americans. It was also no revelation that suddenly Catholic sympathizers expressed concern over the extremely distant connection with Vacton’s fetal tissue.

For the record, vaccines developed and produced by Pfizer and Modern were tested on embryonic cell lines that “Probably originated from an alternative abortion a few decades ago. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, however, was made using direct cell lines.

The problem for the growing anti-vaccine community is that almost all major religions, including the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), do not call for or support religious exemptions for the Covid-1 vaccine.

According to the USCCB, and in accordance with Vatican guidelines, the use of three vaccines approved for use in the United States is “morally acceptable.” Their remote connection with abortion. ” (Author Brave)

However, the Catholic leadership has noted that if a fan has the ability to choose a vaccine, they suggest that “Pfizer or modern vaccines should be chosen over Johnson & Johnson. ”

This instruction does not end with the claim of “religious exemption” only to keep the devotees alive, it is complete December 2020 Note the ethics of using some Covid-1 anti vaccine.According to the Fight Church,

In the absence of epidemics or even other means of prevention, the general may recommend better vaccinations. For those, however, The cause of conscience [not religion], Rejecting vaccines produced from aborted fetuses with cell lines, becoming the vehicle of infectious agent infection, they should try their best to avoid by other preventive means and appropriate behavior.

Leaders of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America agree ShotsIt is said that some people may have medical reasons for not getting the vaccine:

For his faithful, the Orthodox Church is not exempt from vaccination for religious reasons. ”

Nationwide, the Holy Apparel Synod of Archdiocese, which represents the largest segment of Eastern Orthodox people in the United States, calls on its members to:

Pay attention to appropriate medical authorities and avoid completely baseless false statements in science. ”

And about finding an official who is faithful “Religious Exemption Letter” From church leaders:

“No priest should issue such a religious exemption letter. No such letter is valid. ”

Similarly, the American Evangelical Lutheran Church issued a recent statement encouraging vaccine use:

There is no clear basis for religious concessions in his own or greater Lutheran tradition.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York also clarifies its position:

Any priest issuing a waiver would act contrary to Pope Francis’ statement that vaccination is morally acceptable and responsible.

Bishop Thomas Daly in Spokane, Washington Issued a statement about “Conscious rights“To decide whether individual Catholics should be vaccinated and said that no priest should be dragged into religious objection as a matter of awareness.”

Priests should not be involved in signing any documents related to the conscience of others. And he reminded the parishioners that the church had given instructions “That vaccine is morally approved and beneficial for the common good.

The Supreme Court, in its well-established precedent, allows the state, if not most of the vaccines, to support this religious exemption and church commentary. “Enforce mandatory vaccination laws;”Demands the protection of anyone’s personal or religious freedom regardless.

In the 1505 Supreme Court case, 1 US United States, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, the High Court upheld the state’s authority to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. The court’s decision expressed the view that individual freedom is not complete and that it is under the police power of the state. Recognizing that public health is more important than a person’s personal freedom or religious awareness, the High Court said:

In an orderly society, the rights of the individual responsible for protecting the safety of its members may, at times under great danger, be subjected to such restraint, enforced by reasonable rules, as may be demanded by the general public.

Under a principle that real freedom cannot exist for all, recognizing the right of every person to exercise his or her own freedom, regardless of his or her personal or property, to the detriment of others.

It is bizarre that in a developed civilized society every member of society has no objection to protecting the health, welfare and life. And yet, here we are at 21St. Century America where a tin-foil hat culture was transformed into a right-wing political movement that not only endangered the lives of thousands of American citizens, it is hindering the return of the symbol of normalcy because a huge number of inconsistencies believe that Republicans elect is more than the common good.

Worse, this anti-neo-Waxer movement is claiming that Christian religious escapism supports the lives of their colleagues at their deliberate risk-the true meaning of the Trump-era pro-life movement.

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