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Ted LassoIts second season may be over, but fans shouldn’t be bothered: another installment of Apple TV + Sports Comedy is already working. This show doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering the success seen so far. If you forget, it became the most nominated freshman comedy in Emmy Awards history, grossing 20 nodes (then winning seven categories) and its second-season debut breaking Apple’s record. Not surprisingly, the AFC is returning to the Richmond pitch.

Starring and co-produced by Jason Sudekis, Ted Lasso He followed a tapped American football coach to run a British football (like football) club. Although the ridiculous move was initially made as a plan to get her owner back to her cheating husband, Ted somehow manages to get her way through the entire organization. Season 2 takes a further dive into the lives of Lasso, his teammates and his team and how they deal with mental health.

Here’s what you need to know about Lasso’s next chapter.

When Ted Lasso season 3 is out?

There is no release date yet, but Apple is planning a premiere in the summer of 2022 Hollywood Reporter. The author’s room began Sept. 13 and production is scheduled to begin in January.

Ted Lasso It was renewed for the third season in October 2020, long before the second season premiered. Just a few months ago, in August, it debuted on Streamer and became Apple’s number one comedy in all the top 50 countries, Deadline Report

Wait – will it be the last season?

We don’t expect that, but Sudekis Did Arc has plans for three seasons. He said, “The story that is being told – three-season to Arc – I know and understand what I see,” Entertainment Weekly In June 2021. What happens after that, who knows? I do not know. ”

Co-producer, writer and star Brendon Hunt shouted, “I think we’ve always wanted to call it three asons. I think it would be great if everyone liked the show so much, if we stick to our guns and really You do three asons. But he noticed that no one on the show expected it to be as big as a hit.

In a similar note, executive producer Bill Lawrence “is optimistic there are three more Ted Lasso stories to tell.”

Apple recently signed a £ 500,000 licensing agreement with the Premier League that allows the show to use “archive footage, Premier League logos, club kits and even league trophies”. Athletic The report makes it unclear, though, whether this partnership will only last a season or more.

Who is acting?

Although Apple has not officially confirmed who will return to the season, insiders said Hollywood Reporter That Hannah Wadingham (Rebecca), Brett Goldstein (Roy), Juno Temple (Kylie), and Hunt (Coach Beard) are discussing salaries for 3 seasons.

How many episodes will there be?

Season 3 will have 12 episodes like the second season. (It’s a little more than Season 1, which only had 10.) While backstage at Emmis, Sudekis noted that the streamer wanted extra episodes in advance this time. “They, being Apple, requested for 12 episodes – and this time, ahead of time,” he said. “So, we’ll do 12 episodes so far.”

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